Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Am still playing with my little Angels. Gave bunches away at Christmas, and everyone really loves them. As I've gone along have come up with more ideas/techniques for making, so plan to have instructions put together, and offering faces for sale: three unpainted faces so the artist can make it their own. Since they don't need to be Christmas ornament, think they will be popular anytime...also could be a doll pin.
Put up pics of wings made of Christmas ribbon on my other blog:

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I always like to have something to do while showing my art. I had an order for a dozen angels to go with the Tree Top Angel given as a gift last year, so decided during the Art Tour that would be a great project for me to work on. Of course the dozen turned into a lot more. A friend told me she had received on last year as a gift while she was hospitalized, so that inspired me to expand and make some with little hearts to be given as tokens of friendship. The "new 2011" gals are a bit different. I used some of my cold porcelain (which I was thrilled to find was still usable after being stored for many months sealed in a jar) to make little faces instead of painting as before and I really love them. Also experimented with making different kinds of wings,came up with some funky feathers made with wire & organza type fabric. Am posting pics of that with instructions in case others might like to do some just go to:


MAC (Monte Arts Council) had their Art Tour On Sat as part of Holiday Celebration downtown. After weeks of beautiful, sunny mild weather, a big ol snow storm blew in. Made things dicey to say the least, and really cut down on the crowds. I had a very nice place to display my work at the Petal'er Flower & Gift Shop. They had me put my display in their front window on Wed. so it got plenty of exposure...one gal came in to meet me after going to the movies the night before and seeing my things in the window. By the time I took the picture the sun was behind me so got some reflection. Then never remembered to bring camera for a better shot..oh well.