Friday, October 31, 2014


Saw an ad for a book on making jewelry from old T-shirts. Back in the"olden days" did lots of macrame, so figured I could probably do this without a book. Now I am hooked. Was just going to do a couple, but now have several bags with cut up T's waiting to be up-cycled. I wear one each time I go to town, and interest in them is over-whelming. Besides the necklaces am making roses to embellish, and ear rings. So although I have several other projects on my plate, I keep making these things. Each year I do the bazaar at the Catholic Church, but they only allow one booth for each craft, so can't sell my jewelry there. However another craft fair is taking place here in Monte in Nov. so I signed up for don;t have to feel guilty about continuing to shred t-shirts.