Saturday, December 20, 2014


As usual I'm running late with Holiday gifts...however my excuse is I still celebrate by sending gifts for Three Kings Day (Jan. 6) which is the tradition in Puerto Rico, where I lived for so many years. Now that all the local celebrations & bazaars are over I am concentrating on getting packages to be sent to family in Florida & Ga. Last summer when I met the father of my new great grandson, he was impressed with the fact that I am into Steampunk. He calls me Steampunk Gramma. Therefor I decided it would be appropriate to make a steampunk teddy bear for the great grandson. Of course it will be for decoration only. But it was fun to make, and plan to do a few more for Crane Festival this spring. I still love steampunk!!! My other family members are getting T-shirt necklaces of course. Other new grandson-in-law who is campaigning to legalize marijuana in Georgia getting cap embellished with leaves of the weed, and grand daughter's necklace & ear rings also feature that theme. Again will probably make more for Crane Fest for the tourists. lol

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Getting ready for Christmas bazaar, decided to make some nice little angels.Last summer visiting Pensacola, my step daughter gave me a carved angel from Thailand, with hand posed in prayer to greet and bless visitors, which I planned to make in cloth. I'll need to work on that later, but wanted to use the idea of the hands in that position. While digging through my stash for fancy fabric came across a "straw" skirt bought at thrift store and decided to make my girls into Guardian Angels, as angels are not just for Christmas. I liked the effect with these prints. They are 9" made to hang on the wall...faces are cold porcelain and wings are made of "paper metal" which I often use in my steampunk stuff. Will write up pattern after Holidays>