Saturday, November 28, 2015


Since my birthday was Friday the 27th, I was able to "milk it" and spent the whole week (except for Turkey day as I was busy cooking)working on writing up the patterns for my flying fairies! Pictures are of the 2 Steampunks: Flying Phoebe and Victorian Victoria. Also have Flutter Tooth Fairy. Weed Fairies named Anna Stasha. Like Tooth Fairy their heads are jointed so they move. They're flying high! So...happy to say these patterns are now available for others to have fun with. TA DA!

Friday, November 13, 2015


It all started with the Tooth Fairy (dressed In blue). Made with new technique that allows her head to sway, making her look like she actually moves as she flies. She was such fun decided to make another as a Weed Fairy. And she was so much fun I decided to make a Flying Steampunk Fairy, or 2. One aviator style with helmet & propeller on her head. The other, more Victorian with velvet & lace, and pretty umbrella. Then this hot pink fabric was crying to join in,and another piece of beautiful, colorful fabric, said, "me too, but I want to carry a bong". So here they all are. Or perhaps not all. We shall see. Patterns are in the works, and will also be appearing in SD&A!

Thursday, August 27, 2015


Several Years ago I was asked to make a portrait doll of a gentleman & his wife dressed in costumes they had while serving in Korea. A while back he contacted me as he had decided he wanted to have dolls of the whole family. Great...until I found out there are 8 of them! 3 Are men, and men are the hardest to do, so I have done them first. Guys are a challenge since their hair doesn't cover threads for needle sculpting, so ya gotta make it all behind the ears. Whenever I can I try to put a hat on guys. Picture shows the three men holding the photo given me to work from. There are 4 in the picture because the gentleman in the center is the father.

Monday, July 6, 2015


Since the original Betty Bong Fairy sold at the crane festival, and have had so much good feedback, and wanted to have a BB for the Art Walk, thought I'd best make another. First off I gathered parts together from when I was designing my girls and made another with golden locks like the original. Then there was one not-so-nice person who posted a diatribe on my FB page (also complained to editor at SD&A) so I made her again without the wings,holding flowers and changed her name to Betty Bouquet. BUT she was not happy, and wanted to be like the I fixed her up, and now we're all happy...and we don't even smoke. A side note: another little fairy flew off during art walk, and another will be going tomorrow. So again lots of positive feedback!

Monday, March 30, 2015


Since many of us can't make the trip, once again members of Dollstreet have been asked to send a display of dolls for AFICC, under the care of the lovely Judy Skeel. Theme this year is "Travelers". It's a long story, but it all started with the idea that Mary Poppins is celebrated this year, so the idea was to honor her. HOWEVER, as everyone knows ya don't mess with Disney & it seems they have the rights. So Travelers was chosen instead. After much consideration I decided to make an altered version of my doll Saloni, who rides on Tattu the elephant. Due to size limits she now rides on a magic carpet. BTW: at Crane Festival, the first thing sold was Betty Bong! TaDa! Betty & Mary Juana will be featured in Sept. SD&A and Connie Canibus in July.

Thursday, March 12, 2015


First off happy to say the Painted Pachyderms are featured in the current Soft Dolls & Animals Magazine. AND Connie will be in July then Betty & Mary in Sept. Meanwhile I only had one of the original elephant herd left, so decided to get busy and paint a couple more that I had sewn & stuffed but never finished embellishing. Such a fun project. So many choices to make, so again can't just make one!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


When designing a new doll, I often have extra parts while seeking the right one. With the Weed Fairies, I had several heads & liking this genre,(and since I have the patterns written and put up) decided to finish them trying different techniques & hair styles. Really like the look of the eyelash yarn! I'll probably put head shots of these on my wordpress blog for folks who get the pattern, to give them more ideas. Also it's fun to see how different each can look although it's the same basic pattern.

Sunday, February 22, 2015


SD&A will be featuring the Weed Fairies! Decided to design another as a stump doll for 2 reasons: simpler for novice doll makers AND easier to wrap to pack and ship. So 14" Connie Canibus has been added to the mix...actually I have 3 more as I was experimenting with different efforts to make her. Very proud of myself as I got patterns for her as well as Betty & Mary written and ready to go, and put a post on my wordpress blog with directions for making bongs & pipes for the girls. Sometimes it's nice when it's snowing outside as it's perfect for doing this kinda stuff inside!

Friday, February 6, 2015


We've all heard of the Tooth Fairy...well here in Colorado we have Weed Fairies...they don't have cash, but carry a "stash". When designing a new idea,I'll often make a couple at a time to work on. Liked both of these, so finished both using a few different techniques on each. They both have marijuana leaf shaped wings. Betty Bong,is made to just sit on the ground. Mary Juana sits on a stool & holds a joint in one hand and her stash in the other. (it's really oregano) My intent was to make bongs for both, but her hands looked better with the joint and later changed to a pipe...even better! After a week of experimentation I finally figured out how to make a bong, using small light bulbs. Gonna do more now that I've perfected the idea, and sell. Also planning another Fairy