Friday, February 6, 2015


We've all heard of the Tooth Fairy...well here in Colorado we have Weed Fairies...they don't have cash, but carry a "stash". When designing a new idea,I'll often make a couple at a time to work on. Liked both of these, so finished both using a few different techniques on each. They both have marijuana leaf shaped wings. Betty Bong,is made to just sit on the ground. Mary Juana sits on a stool & holds a joint in one hand and her stash in the other. (it's really oregano) My intent was to make bongs for both, but her hands looked better with the joint and later changed to a pipe...even better! After a week of experimentation I finally figured out how to make a bong, using small light bulbs. Gonna do more now that I've perfected the idea, and sell. Also planning another Fairy


  1. Hi Laura,Beautiful dolls.I especially love the faces.Happy dollmaking.Hugs Katie