Friday, December 14, 2012


Been sending versions of the cats to family for Christmas. My sister-in-law in Az has a great black & white cat named Oreo....her hubbies fav. After I got him made Hubbie suggested instead of a mouse I should make a bird. So made a little bluebird nesting in his hair! While at it made a couple of more birds, in red and blue.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


So popular last week at Monte Art Walk, had to make more this week for the Bazaar in Alamosa this weekend. While I was at it decided to make some larger "Tree Mice", to go with the Angel cats. After all who wouldn't want to have a mouse in their tree??? Sure glad I decided to try this as a project to do while at the shows. Have had a couple of requests for instructions on my "technique", so plan to write up after the Holidays.

Sunday, November 25, 2012


Been doing more experimenting the needle felting and made a few more animals, but have gone crazy with the cats & mice! Wound up with 20 mice, made while watching TV at night. Everyone, including me, loves the cats, so have pretty much zeroed in on them. My original idea was to have cat's foot on tail of a mouse, but a friend suggested with the look on the cats face,putting the mouse on the cat. Love it! The biggest cat is 9". Now have decided to make little ones into Kitty Angels for the Christmas tree. Anyone who has a cat knows they are! So now think I have everything pretty much figured out and if I can control myself, will be able to do them at the 2 shows I'll be at next weekend and the one after.I always like to have a project to do so people will stop to see what I'm up to.

Monday, October 8, 2012


What a deal I got this AM at an estate auction...paid $2.50 for these body parts! Been wanting to make a life size doll, so these babies will give me a good start. Had another lower torso but some guys asked me about getting one for their Mother's Halloween decor, so gave them one. Not sure what I'll do with everything, but at this price I couldn't resist. Stay tuned!!!

Sunday, September 9, 2012


Daughter Rachel teaches kindergarten in Fla. so I was inspired to make some animals to decorate her room. These are not stuffed animals to be played with, but are to be hung on the walls. They are so much fun to make, since they are fantasy characters based on the real ones. I think the kids will really like having them in their class. As I went thru my fabric,that was what determined what animal I'd make. The bird is left over from a bathroom curtain.


Got the giraffe done finally. He's the last of the critters I was inspired to make for now. However as I go through my fabric, who knows what will hit me next. I really do have to get busy though and write up instructions for the projects I did using Jacquard Fabric Medium for Soft Dolls & Animals. I sent in the first none, which will be in the March issue next year. So happy the editor liked!!! I'm liking being on the Editorial Consulting Staff for them!!!!


Daughter Rachel bought bunches of books in second hand stores while here for the Reading Center in her kindergarten class. So I decided she needed a bookworm. Took a while to finally get the design done. I wanted him to be upright and able to hold a book. After a couple of attempts, finally got what I wanted, by adding some darts, and a piece of wire that goes from tail to neck, so he can be bent & he stays upright. (nothing worse than a tipsy bookworm). I finally made his arms by twisting 4 chenille stems together for strength and again mobility. They go all the way down into his over sized hands, so he can hold a book. The fabric I chose for him is a bright fluorescent lime green & yellow "tiger-like" stripe. His head is also fluorescent yellow...after all he is very bright!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


This one was fun (not). The print was so big, and they are so tickey about doll size: 20" max. I went over that one year and my doll was promptly returned. So this time I made sure she was just 19". I ordered a couple of the coordinating fabrics to work with. Hated the light lavender, and wasn't sure about the purple, until I turned it wrong side out. Yeah, that's more like it...and with the way the skirt is made you canview the right side. Finally I decided to solve the HUGE print of the fabric, by bonding with another fabric, then cutting out and re-assembling. Works for me!


She needed a little more "oomph" so I gave her a bustle...since dolls are to be viewed from all sides, Much better.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Took place last of course turned cold & windy. I was coming down with "Spring Crud", and tempted to stay home, but since my guy was featured thought it best to show up! Still hacking & coughing! However, in the end I felt it was worthwhile, since the response to my work was so positive... particularly with some of our younger (college age) people. It was really heartening to see their enthusiasm! One young gal let me know IF she had money she would buy some of my stuff... made sure I understood that was a compliment. Another young man did buy dragonfly...he was so interested in the Steampunk style, I finally told him to give me a call, so we could arrange for him to come to the house and I would be glad to share what I could, to get him going in his own direction. As much as I love creating things, I also love helping others get started. Thinking back, I always had my kids & friends experimenting along with me. I found it was easier for me to have time to be creative, when I got them involved along with me.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Finally got my cats done. PC won't let me upload pics, so had to come to laptop.
Ms Kitty was first of the litter. Hadn't planned on her, but again you just have to go with the flow. Used wire ribbon strip down her front, for her tail, and to decorate. Her feet are a couple of bells. Both she & Sir Thomas wear my newest invention: gears made by cutting thread spools, painted to look like metal. His tail is chain,with wire woven in to hold shape, and feet are keys. Love experimenting!!
Should have cat patterns next week. Art Walk is this weekend, My Steampunk Octopus is on the flyers for the walk.wooohooo

Friday, April 6, 2012


Wanted to make a steampunk cat and after seeing a fan in a catalog shaped like a cat, thought I was on my way. Too bad I misplaced the catalog! So rather than try to figure out where I put it, decided to just go fur it. I had this neat striped fabric so decided for the prototype to make a regular puss first. So here's Kiddy...who turned out looking quite sweet with those big round eyes. Now to move on & make it a little more "Steampunkie".

Sunday, March 25, 2012


I prepared for 43 as I was told. We had about 20 2 adorable boys around 10 years who asked if they could make one and were quite proud of what they did. it was hectic, with supplies flying, but 4 mothers were their to help. So a grand time was had by all!
Spent the last few days working putting together patterns for Steampunk Angels and Crows. Got the Angels up in my shop & sold 1 already. Computer decided to play games, so wound up going back & forth between laptop & PC to get written the way I wanted. So it took all day, but I think I've got it. I am really making progress with these durn things! I think.....

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Finally worked out the aviator crows. After making one with wings down, and eyes like the others, decided to try making with wings up to indicate flight, leather goggles with plastic "glass", and a scarf flying in the wind. They are my fav. Propellers on top of helmets all twirl, so fun to play with!

Isn't it great to still be kid at my age?

Monday, February 20, 2012

Steampunk Crows

These are the first. Once again, I must say the fun of steampunk is all the embellishments, so even tho it's the same basic doll (or critter) the added stuff really keeps it interesting. And figuring these things out are what I enjoy. My crows are about 9" or a bit taller with their top hats, which are made of felt then stiffened with stiffy stuff to shape. I decided to just fuse fabric for wings & tail, and legs are from cable wire which Hubby cut for me.I used plastic eyes, but instead of putting the metal disc meant to go on the inside, I put it on the outside in lieu of goggles. Sometimes it takes more effort to get it right,

as was the case when I wanted to make some with aviator hats. I must have tried a dozen times before I finally got the look I was looking for! So that's how most of yesterday was spent. Weather cold & windy, so it's perfect time to work. Finally got it, and should have some pics tomorrow.
These guys were much easier.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Took a couple of cranes to my Art Thing meeting, and they were very well received!
So now that I've gotten approval from fellow artists, have really gotten busy & making a whole bunch for the festival. Also wanted a better picture, so arranged them and took these.

Friday, February 3, 2012


Got 6 more standing. Put them on the bar for now & decided to take picture of them with the other doo dads already sitting there. Now just hope the cat doesn't decide he should join them. Thinking of trying to take them outside and get a picture for a natural look, with the snow etc. In a group like this,they pretty much look like the real thing. We'll see. Right now finishing up more "flyers". Have the original hung in dining room...looks pretty cool.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


He's standing a small disc covered with my "metal" paper...made by burning brown paper after slathering with white glue. After wiping away the black smudge, looks like old metal. I ran 1 piece of wire from inside his body down through the disc. That wire is wrapped with 4 strands of wire to make the legs.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Every year thousands of cranes visit us here, which brings hundreds of visitors from all over the world. This year I'm sharing a booth with my best friend Jane's sister, who does gorgeous stained glass pieces. So I decided I should make some small cranes. Took me a couple of days to work out the patten, but now I think I've got it!
The cranes are something to see..beautiful both in flight, and on the ground they do this little jumping dance with wings spread. Since we live adjacent to the wildlife refuge, we not only get to see them, but hear their lovely cooing.
I had thought of making them into steampunk, but after seeing them, have decided I'll probably make a steampunk magpie instead...they are more the type, and very prominent here also; unlike the cranes, they're here all year long. When designing the cranes, they have a little "knob" at the knee joint. I explored a couple of ways to ad that and decided on a bead...that was when I was still thinking steampunk, but think I'll use it just the same. Have also been thinking it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to make the ones in flight into storks, with little steampunk babies...we'll see. Meanwhile here's the ones I have done. Actually just one, as the blogger didn't want to upload the other pictures, so after 5 minutes decided to just go with what I have and will probably post more later, since now I must get busy on my other projects.

Friday, January 27, 2012


For being so little these guys sure are big! I made 3 more last week, and they are in new homes already! So this week I made 5 more, and again came up with some new things, like adding a little propeller to the head. By putting it in between a couple of metal beads, it spins. One girl decided she didn't want to be an aviator, so she wound up with a little hat embellished with wings. Now that they are done, am working on putting together a pattern. Think folks who want to mettle with steampunk, but aren't ready for a big project, will enjoy making these little ones. I certainly do!

Monday, January 23, 2012


I belong to an eclectic group of artists, called The Art Thing We gather monthly (as time allows) to talk about our projects, and enjoy each others company. We also like to have a group challenge: with a theme which makes us work outside our "comfort" zone. This year we're doing a recycle project. Each of of got a bag of "stuff" put together by another artist and had to use it to make into a work of art. My bag was filled with lots of ribbon spools, a Mexican style tin plate, plastic doilies, little foam cut outs, etc. There were also some nice metal gears, but those got confiscated for my Steampunk projects. (yes that is legal!) This week I finally got around to working on my was hard, because I'm still making those little girlfriends! I made one into a steampunker,which was bought, so made 3 more, but every time I show them, someone buys them! boo hoo
Anyway, I finished her (what a surprise, I still made it into a "figure"), and am now ready for our big show on Feb. 12th at the Museum in Alamosa. We're calling the show unbag D'art. Along with the mandatory recycle project we will also be displaying up to 3 pieces of our art that we usually do.
Works will be on display

through the end of the month with an opening reception and artists discussion on Feb 12th. Should be fun...this is a great group!

Sunday, January 8, 2012


While playing with my little Angel/Fairies, I decided to use some Hot Pink fabric & trims. A friend (Kay) suggested they would be nice dolls for breast cancer survivors. I was already putting little hearts on them, so this seemed like a wonderful idea. First I made the standard gal with little wings, but as I was playing with the eyelash yarn, I made a piece too long for hair, but oooh oooh oooh...just right to use as a boa! So another star is born! Since her boa is big & fluffy, decided she needed a different hair do: shiny little plastic sequin like flowers added just the look I wanted. Come on,you

know she makes you smile!


You know I can't stay away from Steampunk! I have been totally engulfed in making the little 6 inch angel/fairies, but it was just a matter of time before I could not resist morphing her into a Steampunker! Once again I made the face out of cold porcelain, but this time my "mold" was cast from a plastic doll for the face. Wanted her to wear an aviator hat, so made that by sewing soft faux leather in the head area, then cutting out for adding face. Goggles were another dilemma. Never thought I'd be glad I have allergies, until I looked at the packaging: WooHoo..nice little plastic bubbles holding those pills: just right for making goggles, if I cut them out and put 2 together with a tiny jump ring! After several design "tries" I decided to ad little legs, and boots to the original body, and little tubes with hands cut out of my "metal" fabric. Works for me! Her wings are made of some great paper I got years ago which has metal embedded in it...very strong & durable, and texture made nice wings. Just had to "age" it a bit. I used "Stiffy" On her scarf so it flows in place. All in all: I like her!