Sunday, April 22, 2012


Took place last of course turned cold & windy. I was coming down with "Spring Crud", and tempted to stay home, but since my guy was featured thought it best to show up! Still hacking & coughing! However, in the end I felt it was worthwhile, since the response to my work was so positive... particularly with some of our younger (college age) people. It was really heartening to see their enthusiasm! One young gal let me know IF she had money she would buy some of my stuff... made sure I understood that was a compliment. Another young man did buy dragonfly...he was so interested in the Steampunk style, I finally told him to give me a call, so we could arrange for him to come to the house and I would be glad to share what I could, to get him going in his own direction. As much as I love creating things, I also love helping others get started. Thinking back, I always had my kids & friends experimenting along with me. I found it was easier for me to have time to be creative, when I got them involved along with me.

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