Saturday, November 13, 2010


Had a nice turn out for the show, and lots of good comments. Sold 3 pieces so far, which is always great. One set of the Three Kings sold, so now I have an excuse to make more for other Holiday events. Lot's events scheduled to take place at the Museum during the next few weeks Kat told me, so have big hopes. If nothing else can't beat the exposure! Now I need to clean up the messes I made getting ready for the big event!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Business Card Holder

Wanted a cute, effective way to display my business cards,so made this sweet little girl. The actual card holder is a little box I cut down & covered with a ribbon, then glued and sewed her around it. She'll make her debut at the Museum display Friday.


Have you ever noticed when you're washing clothes
There's one sock missing...ever wonder where it goes?
When you put them in the wash, you're sure there was a pair
But, when you take them out, only one sock is there
Well it seems there is a group of little elfin folk
Who for some reason, think it's quite the funny joke
When you're not looking, to sneak in and snatch
A sock or two...but never take one's that match
The fun would seem to be in watching your despair
As you look for that missing sock, but it's just not there
There really isn't much that you can do
Those pesky little rascals steal my socks too
And although it's aggravating, goodness knows
I just hope they stick to socks & not my pantyhose!

I've had this little head sitting around for several months, so decided I'd complete & make into an elf. As so often happens, he had different ideas about who he should be so I gave in and he is now the Sock Elf. Had to take off his shoes & give him bare feet, as that seemed more appropriate. And yes, his cap is a green sock for which I could not find the mate.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


This is the poster for the show...and I really love it. Invitations are much the same except there is a little "bio" on the side for address. Besides last minute additions I want to include, been running around sticking posters in store windows & addressing cards to send. Getting down to the wire....opening reception is Nov.12th. Kat Olance is wonderful to work with; meaning she does all the work in preparation including getting the design for advertising. I'm excited!!!!


Every year I say I'm going to make the Three Kings for the holidays, since I spent so many in Puerto Rico, where January 6th (3 King's Day) is celebrated. So this year, since I'll be doing my "really big show" at the Adams State College Luther Bean Museum, I was inspired to finally get it done....and I did! I have to say I really enjoyed this one...from the different faces, & needle felting the hair, to the costumes, and finding little pieces to make into their gifts. I used things like the top of a mascara wand, fancy buttons, a plastic bottle covered in candy wrapper (I of course had to eat the candy...the things we do for our art!) My wonderful friend Jane even gave me some pieces of frankincense to include I had so much fun I wound up making to sets of 3 Kings, which confused Hubby at first when he saw 6. One set is just a bit larger than the other, and done featuring the color blue in their costumes.