Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Am still playing with my little Angels. Gave bunches away at Christmas, and everyone really loves them. As I've gone along have come up with more ideas/techniques for making, so plan to have instructions put together, and offering faces for sale: three unpainted faces so the artist can make it their own. Since they don't need to be Christmas ornament, think they will be popular anytime...also could be a doll pin.
Put up pics of wings made of Christmas ribbon on my other blog:

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I always like to have something to do while showing my art. I had an order for a dozen angels to go with the Tree Top Angel given as a gift last year, so decided during the Art Tour that would be a great project for me to work on. Of course the dozen turned into a lot more. A friend told me she had received on last year as a gift while she was hospitalized, so that inspired me to expand and make some with little hearts to be given as tokens of friendship. The "new 2011" gals are a bit different. I used some of my cold porcelain (which I was thrilled to find was still usable after being stored for many months sealed in a jar) to make little faces instead of painting as before and I really love them. Also experimented with making different kinds of wings,came up with some funky feathers made with wire & organza type fabric. Am posting pics of that with instructions in case others might like to do some just go to:


MAC (Monte Arts Council) had their Art Tour On Sat as part of Holiday Celebration downtown. After weeks of beautiful, sunny mild weather, a big ol snow storm blew in. Made things dicey to say the least, and really cut down on the crowds. I had a very nice place to display my work at the Petal'er Flower & Gift Shop. They had me put my display in their front window on Wed. so it got plenty of exposure...one gal came in to meet me after going to the movies the night before and seeing my things in the window. By the time I took the picture the sun was behind me so got some reflection. Then never remembered to bring camera for a better shot..oh well.

Sunday, October 30, 2011


Finally finished my octopus!!!! When I was making the steampunk mermaid & fish I started him by making the legs out of silver beads on wire. I had considered making him as part of the scenery for that wall hanging. But instead of cloth wound up making body out of fimo, which was of course too heavy for that. Then as often happens I wandered off into other projects, but made up my mind to get him done before I start anything else!


Been busy with class in DelNorte and the usual canning etc. from garden before the snow hits. Classes are going well...everyone seems to be having fun, and talking about more. Meanwhile I managed to put together a couple of fun dolls. One for Margaret who helped me get help with my computer. She wanted a doll who looked like her as a young girl...a tomboy with pigtails. We were both happy with the results.
Then there was a very cute baby doll type in SD&A which I felt I had to make for best Jane to take for her grandson when she goes home for Turkey Day. I still have fond memories of my youngest GS and dolls I made for him, so am a believer in boy dolls!
I, of course, had to change the pattern a bit; the Grandson has wild "fly-away" hair, so used long fake fur, which was the biggest change. Works for me! Now I must get busy & finish my steampunk octopus which I started while when making the SP Mermaid.
He just needs a few more nuts 'n bolts, etc.

Friday, October 7, 2011


I got a new wireless HP Printer-scanner-copier...and it is great! Now can print from anywhere in the house. (Jerry has computer in a different room...I like to work on laptop in LR). Had several requests for pattern for Amber, so made this my first project with the new equipment...I love it, already and I still don't know all the possibilities. For one thing, when I scan patterns now, it doesn't mess them up, and converts to PDF. Oh the hours I have wasted trying to conquer that problem. Anyway, I put together instructions for Amber, and have them in my Yatimi shop.
Had my first doll class I'm teaching & it looks like its going to be a lot of fun!

Also had our first snow so spent the day pulling tomato plants to hang in hothouse...
also canning, drying etc. Busy Busy Busy!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Through a grant at the Community Center. Since this will be an introduction to doll making, with unknown sewing skills, I decided to teach my Tree Top/Table Top Angel which will give a good basic introduction, with needle sculpting a face...and wanting to give more choices, and techniques, also converted her into a fairy... everybody loves fairies! Should be interesting.
Meanwhile, making "stuff" for Art Walk in December, and due to requests for Amber pattern, putting that together. I also started a steampunk octopus
which I want to finish...legs are silver beads, body clay... needs more details, but think it will be really neat when done.
This is garden harvesting time however, so concentrating on getting that done, so I can once again spend time with important things, ie., PLAYING

with dolls...sigh!

Sunday, August 28, 2011


After the article in SD&A it came to my attention that instructions for making the disc doll stand needed to be made available for those who weren't subscribing in 2009 when it appeared in SD&A. So I put up another blog, where I will be posting instructions like that and other tidbits which I hope will help others with like interests. Instructions are up with a little slide show of photos so one can see what I'm talking about.
The address is: www.laurascreativemess.wordpress.com/

And Yes...that is not a miss-spell, I meant to do it!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


arrived yesterday!!! Love it! In the index it reads: "What is Steam Punk? This fun and fabulous media as defined by an avid doll artist".
But what also got the attention of not only me but Jerry was the letter to the editor
from Laura Lee Ruckle in Pennsylvania, commenting on how much she liked Tillie and that she planned to make her for her grand-daughter who also teaches kindergarten. I wanted to try to contact Laura Lee, not only because this is also my name,but because it was such a touching letter, and I wished to offer a Tillie for that G-D's classroom. I went on line to see if I could find her, only to discover she had passed away in June. Thanks to the computer and my "detective work" I got a hold of one of her daughters (Linda),who gladly gave me the name and address of the teacher. So am sending her the doll, in memory of her grandmother.
Getting ready for Self-Portrait exhibit at Adams State College. Seemed perfect for me, as I have the "Me,Myself & I" winner for SD&A. Also added "Really Me" and Wendy, is now "I Can Fly". Exhibit will run for month of Sept. Also in Sept. we have Potato Festival, so am making things for a booth there. More crafty stuff than art, but good exposure. Also got word the grant came through, so will be teaching a doll class in Del Norte this fall. As Hubby often says,"Sorry we're out here in the boonies with nothing to do!

Sunday, July 31, 2011


When hubby took a nose dive down the stairs, had to go to hospital for cat scan. Since anything hospital involves lots of waiting, I grabbed the seal I was working on for making the pattern, and stuck needle & pins in him, so I could have something to do while waiting. What a great idea!!!! He makes a great little pin cushion! I gave him button eyes, quilting thread whiskers, and a ball on his nose to put needles in. I like having my needles & pins together but separate, so this works for me. Now since I've had a couple of requests, have the pattern to put up in my shop with both versions. Then gonna make one for my sister-in-law who is a quilter.

Saturday, July 30, 2011


Due to interest (I'm so happy to say), made a new Steampunk Mermaid with photos so I could write up the pattern. Someday maybe I'll get better at this...takes me all day just to write the pattern...BUT today she is complete. I also wrote up the fish as another pattern. That way folks have a choice of just making the Mermaid, the Fish, or a complete scene like my original. I'll probably ad more to this new one, but wanted to get the pattern written first. Now just need to put them in my Yatimi shop! Then get back to harvesting the veggies now ready in the garden.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


YES...AND STEAMPUNK FISH! Which is where this all began...seeing the fish on my shower curtain. Since you can't make just one, wound up with several, then decided they needed a Mermaid to hang with, and needed to hang on a 15 inch quilted square. Mermaid wound up with metal ribbon hair, lace bustier, and tail made in sections held with brads, so it's movable. Fish are painted fabric, with fins from leftovers from dragonflies...embellished with metal pieces for eyes, mouths, etc. When will I get over this steampunk stuff? I dunno!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Guess I'll have to make him some doggie bones now! Was really surprised to find his picture in an ad for a new publication, all about Steampunk. I had suggested to the editor of Soft Dolls & Animals earlier this year, that there was a lot of interest in steampunk so maybe they should consider a challenge. That led to my sending an article to be published along with my steampunk dolls, for the Nov. issue. The new "special" publication will include all sorts of steampunk from dolls, to fashion, paper art, home decor, etc. etc. Can't wait to see it...proud they took my suggestion and went way beyond!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Just completed making my seal into a pattern and going to post in my new store at Yatimi. Also putting up the little Cardholder Fairy I made for the Museum Show last year. Haven't really promoted the new shop yet, since I don't have much on it, HOWEVER sold a pattern already, so think it's gonna work out! (Big smiles)

Sunday, June 19, 2011


I was asked if I could make a small seal for a friend's collection a while back. I've dabbled around the past few months trying to come up with something unique...looked at pics on the internet of seals, made sketches, etc. She said a favorite color was purple, and I could do whatever I wanted. Well, I came across a purple, leopard print last week, and I had seen pictures of leopard seals....voila! I was on my way. Took a couple of attempts (OK 4) to get the position I wanted, with the head up. My first thought was to have the seal with a ball...but as we all know I am still stuck on Steampunk, so as things progressed, my seal, morphed a bit from the original plan.
It now has purple goggles on it's head, a metal button attaching it's tail, little metal discs, on back and front fins, and a clock on it's chest, along with other stuff.
The ball didn't work out, but since it had a little mouth, and I had a little metal fish to put in it...that worked. Friend loved, him & so do I, so next week he will be a pattern in case anyone is interested: he's about 8" long.


I have used Picturetrail, for a long time, so when they offered a new online shop, I decided to give it a try. It's easy to use (perfect for me), so am little by little starting to put stuff there. Right now just have patterns, but as time permits, will be adding more. Maybe I will also have my web site back up soon...am making progress. I think I'm just going to have dolls & patterns there however, and use this place for more things:


Do to popularity of Gruff, plus the fact I still had my stuff out, I decided to make another dog, which turned into making 2 dogs, and a mouse...I am so easily led astray! Dog#1 is a bit larger than Gruff, and is sitting...so he looks like he's keeping an eye on things, or perhaps begging, which is more like our real dogs. This guy doesn't have a name yet, so that will be for whoever winds up owning him...oh yes, this too will go onto my new online shop at Yatimi.
#2 dog turned out to look rather "poodle-ish" and needed to be named Fritz. He turned out lower in the front so looked like he was after something....a ball???? Nah, poodles were trained to hunt, so Fritz, is after a very tiny (less than an inch long) mouse named Moose. I had just a bit of clay left & as mentioned am easily led astray, so.....
Anyway, Moose has piece of chain for a tail, cut off pieces of ear rings for ears, and legs attached with screws. Even has little metal teeth. Moose is a mighty little mouse!

Friday, June 3, 2011


Finally: Pete's Complete. Making these patterns the past few weeks, I have learned a whole lot, and I finally think I've got it! Also thanks to help of tech guys, who have been trying to help me with my Web Site...which is still not up, but that's another story. And as usual I find I have plenty of stuff to keep me occupied! Anyway, those who are interested in Pete email me!
Now it's time to pick wild asparagus, and get off my rear for a while!

Monday, May 30, 2011


Happy to say the Dragonflies & Butterflies are very popular, so while I had my "mess" for them still out, figured I'd make a few more. Also made a couple in silver. My best friend here wants a couple of each, so told her she could have the pick of the litter, then will put the others up for sale. Although am tempted to just hang them in a group over the bed...but might cause Hubby to have nightmares. LOL
Also been busy sending patterns out.woohooo. Several requests for Pistol Pete, so he's next on the agenda. Planned to get more garden planted, but winds have been ferocious, so guess I'll just have to keep on working on this stuff....sigh!

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Web site still in limbo. Have several patterns done, so am offering them as follows, and you can get them by sending payment through Paypal. I've done this with a "friend" in Australia & it seems to be working ok.
Wendy:doll pattern, costuming, aviator hat,and kite
Amelia: doll pattern, costuming, aviator hat/goggles, gloves
Tallulah dragonfly fairy: doll pattern, costuming, Dragonfly/Butterfly pattern
Or you can get indiviual pattern parts:
Basic doll pattern-no costume, 2 Hats - as seen on Pistol Pete & Maggie,
Aviator Hat & Goggles, Gloves, Paper metal kite, Dragonfly&Butterfly
Email me for details, etc. : dollmakerlaura@yahoo.com

Monday, May 23, 2011


After a week of company I've fallen a bit behind. I did however manage to make a Steampunk Butterfly. Buzz was so popular when I took him to my Art Thing meeting, I was inspired to do more. Decided to hang from one corner of the wing, so she would look like she's in flight. Now I must get busy on those patterns to put up in my Etsy shop...and it's finally warm enough to start planting in the garden. Have bunches of stuff started indoors since we have such a short growing season. Retirement is such fun!

Friday, May 13, 2011


I made a body to use as illustration for my Steampunk Doll pattern. I also had a head sitting in the "head basket", with her eye's looking upward. So I thought I could quickly put the two together and make a Steampunk Fairy, with a dragon fly. Not so fast! There were a couple of problems I had not anticipated. For ease of making, I had just used broadcloth for boots. So I took some of the fabric and experimented with it to find a way to improve their look, and discovered if I painted the fabric with clear acrylic sealer, then brushed on metallic powders, the cloth looks like metal! After costuming her, I wanted dragon fly style wings. That was done using wire frame with metal looking ribbon sewn on with gold thread. My first plan was to have her holding the Dragon Fly. Then, since she is looking up, I thought it best to have the dragon fly in flight preparing to land on her hand. Oops! That turned out to be a problem. After several attempts at adding a wire to the doll's base to hang Buzz from, I finally wound up using a nice piece of brass, attached to a nice piece of wood, large enough for Tallulah and her base to stand on also. Of course if I had known what I was doing, I would have just built her on the wood base to begin with, but she was already permanently attached to her disc base. Live & learn! Hopefully!
PS: Just got word from SD&A, my article on Steampunk will be published in the November issue, along with pictures of the dolls! Happy dances!


Was so much fun to make! Original plan was to make him in polymer clay, but since I wanted him a bit lighter so he could fly, I decided he needed cloth wings. I had made a piece of fabric to look like metal, while trying to find the "formula" for Tallulah's boots. So I put together a couple of pieces of for the body, then cut wings out of the fabric. I then ran fine wire all around the edges, and sewed on with gold thread. By making both wing sets in one piece I was able to just fold them over the top of the body, glue, then cover with fancy metal piece. Amongst other things I added a couple of little door hinges to look like they were what attached his wings to his body. My most favorite thing though was his eyes.
The head is a nice shiny ball so the problem was how to attach something to it. I found a little chain, from which I removed 2 sections; cut tiny pieces of fabric, with thin wire between the layers and glued to the back of the chain. GOGGLES! Since I used a light silver fabric I then put a couple of eyeballs with a black marker...so Buzz can now see where he's going!

Thursday, May 5, 2011


In the immortal words of Judy Skeel, "by a landslide". So this has been quite a week for me. First cover of SD&A and now this. Ironically, Edwina Sutherland won first place, for her fantastic needle felted doll, Doctor Contraption & His Personal People Transporter. Ironic because Edwina's doll The Piper Comes A-Calling (also needle felted) is the featured "Last Peek" doll in the issue of SD&A with Tillie on the cover. As Edwina said: " We're like bookends!"
Still waiting for further reports, but the ones that came in so far sound like it was a fabulous convention. Next one isn't until 2013, so maybe I can save my pennies and make it then. Ohio is just a bit far from here. sigh

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Just received preview issue of July SD&A Magazine, and there smiling back at me from my mailbox, was TILLIE on the cover ! I needed that. Have been trying to get patterns written up for Steampunk dolls, since there were several requests, but still having problem with scanner changing size on me. Finally figured out I had to go into program & change from landscape back to portrait. Why do computers do such sneaky things? THEN after writing 4 pages of instructions using Google Docs, I printed out to read through and edit. When I went back to make changes Google wouldn't let me, So sent to Word, made changes, then uploaded again in Google. By the time I did all this I was tuckered out, so tomorrow will try adding illustrations...see how that goes. I need a drink!

Friday, April 15, 2011


Been lots of interest and questions, so here is a quick synopsis of what I think:
To define Steampunk there are 3 basic elements:
1. The Industrial Revolution
2. Victorian Fashion
3. Fantasy that reflects the genre’s roots in science fiction and fantasy
Steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction, alternate history, and speculative fiction that came into prominence during the 1980’s and early 1990’s. What makes Steampunk different from science fiction is it uses the science basics to create a fantasy world. Works of Steampunk often feature futuristic innovations as Victorians may have envisioned them, with that perspective on fashion, culture, art. etc. Think H.G. Wells and Jules Verne. Almost anything from science fiction can be created into Steampunk, but only using technology which existed in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.
Victorian clothing influences the dress style of Steampunk. Men often wear vests, tailcoats and boots. Women use structured undergarments, such as corsets and petticoats, and it’s not uncommon to see them wearing trousers, or shorts and of course boots and hats, such as top hats, fedoras or aviator caps. The colors of clothing tends to reflect the colors of metal: oranges and golds, browns and dark reds; gray and blacks in various shades. Because mechanics are such an important part of the steampunk world, it is also integrated into the dress styles. Watches are reconstructed, and taken apart to use their innards. Gears are used to make jewelry, or sewn onto clothing and used as accessories. Metal is used a lot in clothing, in forms of decorative studs, d-rings,rivets, chains; just about any way one can imagine. Almost anything you find in Victorian clothing is used, along with props, such as parasols, or funky outrageous items like pistols ans guitars. And let us not forget those most popular accessory; goggles, worn by both men and women. Simple to ornate with all kinds of embellishments. Some are works of art unto themselves.
Flying, a fantasy which has been pursued from earliest times, is also a huge part of Steampunk. The ancient Greek myth of Daedalus, created wings for him and his son to escape their prison; records show of a Chinese man attempting to reach the moon by strapping fireworks to rocket a chair skyward. Leonardo da Vinci sketched designs of flying contraptions. In the early 1900’s what had always been fantasy, became reality. Using science and physics, the Wright Brothers were able to break free from gravity. Their innovative designs set the groundwork for all mechanical flight as we know it, and flight is everywhere in the world of steampunk; including dressing styles.
Groups enjoy gathering together dressed in the steampunk style; artists stretch their imagination to it’s limits by taking bits of “trash” and assemble them into wonderful abstract pieces. Locally our own John Patterson is well known for his “Farm Art”, but his work easily fits into the Steampunk.
As a doll artist I find I have now been bitten by the Steampunk Bug! What started out to be a one time project, has grown into several. There seems to always be another “punker” emerging in my mind. In part thanks to the Internet which readily brings this off the wall world into mine. So as one project is completed, another is taking form. I love this process of creating my soft sculptures in a new and exciting way. Much like mermaids and fairies, which are always popular subjects, they allow you to go beyond reality, into a wonderful fantasy world. Then of course there’s the benefit of finally using all those “things” artists seem to collect for “just in case”. Besides, let’s face it. I could not dress myself in the Steampunk fashions, but I sure can get my kicks creating these dolls that do! So I do, and I will continue until I run out of steam. But I don’t think that will be any time soon.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


The last in this "series"...at least for now...is Maggie. She is not the focal point here, as her dog Gruff is the real Steampunk. She on the other hand is a bit more demure. I think this happened because I've been watching the series Bramwell on Netlix, which takes place in the Victorian era with a woman trying to make it as a female doctor in what is a man's world. I not only enjoy the storyline, but the costuming is inspiring. So although I think she is quite lovely, Maggie is not Steampunk. But her dog certainly is! I say I'm going to move on...but I'll probably end up making more critters. However, that is later, now have to get ready for Art Walk this weekend!


Dug out my old clay and made Gruff. He's constructed over tinfoil. Legs are old keys cut shorter in back than front then screwed into his body. I got a mold at EDAC last year for making "Victorian Decor" so decided to use pieces from that to embellish him & make ears. He didn't want to be too pretty, so we gave him a pair of goggles & tiny little screws for eyes. After he was baked I added more "stuff" including a bolo tie end for his tail, applied some burnt umber to show his lines, then rubbed with silver powder. A cut off ear ring wire was inserted in his neck back, so Maggie can hook a chain on him when it's time for their walks.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


After viewing a photo of a gal in this garb on the internet, I had to make a doll. She's a bit more "girlie" than Wendy, with a short jacket, and lace skirt. Also she wears her goggles on top of her head, so you can see her pretty eyes. The gal on the net had black hair, but Amelia said she was definitely a red head. Her hair is made of long fake fur (left over scraps from years ago when I made 20 orangutan and lion puppets for schools in Fla. Never found out why they wanted them, but was happy to do it). Those scrap pieces are handy as they make great straight hair. It is partially added in strips as well as cut off the backing and needle felted into her head (ouch).
Amelia is 22" and again "built" on my favorite disc stand with wire going up into her boots & legs.
Now I have just one more Steampunk I want to do, then I'll move on to making patterns, since there have been several requests.
Sigh..so much to do, so little time. LOL

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Had to use the "girlie" goggles and make female aviator type. Watched an old movie about the Red Baron on Netflix, and that gave me inspiration for her hat, which I wound up making in a lining fabric...so it would looks like leather, but of course not as bulky. Her kite is made of my "paper metal", as well as the cover on the base. I really like this look. After viewing pics online, I also changed my mind on her costuming...liked the puffy sleeves, as they did better than the ones I originally planned; with her arm extended up it just didn't work. Of course the pictures on line had a sexier type girl with a lace skirt, but Wendy didn't like that look, so may have to do another doll for that. hehehe
Had a bugger of a time taking her picture. Spent over an hour trying to get a good shot to show everything. After several attempts (thank goodness for digital cameras) finally decided the only way was to take 2 pictures: one of her, and another of the kite. So that's what I did, after several explosions of profanity. Sigh ... what we must go through for our art!


I even tried taking a picture outdoors thinking that would solve my problems, so took a cloth out to the garden to put on the fence (trying to cover the hay & goats in background). Placed her on an upside-down flower pot (nothing growing right now anyway) and as you can see..not all that successful with the edge of the cloth & dirt showing....oh well. It does however show the "form" of the whole thing, so decided to go ahead and put her up along with the closer shots.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Finally got him finished! I was calling him Clyde before, but now I'm thinking Pistol Pete since that was my reason for making him, that and I wanted to put goggles on someone. He was really a "hit & miss" project. Designing the hat: first one was too small & tried a couple of different ways to put it all together. His jacket is made of upholstery scraps. It was a little heavy, and frayed if not handled carefully. The worst problem tho was I had planned on him holding the pistol up in front. It was a bit too heavy for that. Next time I will put a heavier wire armature in.
When making the goggles I made one pair & put some "bumpy" wire across the top. It was too "girlie" looking....so now I guess I'm gonna have to make a female aviator type: Amelia could be her name. We shall see.


Thought I'd show the hat, goggles, boots, and pistol. Goggles are made with grommets removed from fabric samples: wired and gaps filled in with cold porcelain. Hat is made of velveteen with wired brim to shape. Tried to copy one I saw a guy wearing on the internet. Needed some tweaking for his boots...wanted them to have a flatter heal than the ones made for the ladies. His pistol is made with an old school locker key, with a bolo tie tip glued into the end. I then cut off a clothes pin, drilled hole through it and inserted the key and a washer to fill in the space. Later will probably get fancier, but for now this works. Finally the floor of the base he stands on is "paper" metal. Brown paper, with glue applied, then burned with a candle to give a metal look.This, and the goggles were some of the ideas I put in the article for DollStreet.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


While designing Amber, as usual had extra parts. Plan was to make a guy, but then I came across this "scarf" I had made for myself, and the next thing I knew I was making it into a skirt for Bridget. The face was still too masculine, so "Clyde" (that's his name for now..it may change when he's all together) is still in the works, but once again the doll leads the way. I have already been working on goggles, and thought of putting some on Bridget, but after re-doing, liked her face too much...Clyde definitely will be wearing them. B is wearing shorter painted boots with an overlay of black leather, accented with sequin pins to look like nails. Making the boots and legs as one piece works great with these guys. Plan to put together a pattern for doing this, and I just completed designing a top hat for Clyde.
Meanwhile my new tech guys came by this week, and we're going to finally re-do my website. So am feverishly Steam Punkin' as I know once I get started on the web site it will devour my time for a while. It's the only way I can learn and remember.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


These past few weeks have been so aggravating...my new computer has been one problem after another. Finally found some great guys to help, but they had to take the thing off premises. Gave me the perfect opportunity to spend my energy working on Doll Street's Steam Punk challenge. What a great time I'm having! There's so many facets to explore. I have tables scattered with pieces of "junk" jewelry, chains, watches, remotes...all kinds of things broken apart to get to the parts. If you don't know what Steam Punk is...Google it.
Amber is my first, but there are more to come for several reasons. One being that as I experimented I had rejects. They were put into a little basket, and will be used...in fact I have another in progress as we speak. These first 2 are rather feminine, but I am very attracted to the leather/aviator goggled, gun slinging broads I see on the net, so hope to go there next. To think I used to love sweet little fairies..hahahaha!


My Art Thing group has a new challenge...trading a bag of "junk" with each other, and making it into a piece of art. I lucked out, 'cause I got some really cool stuff, some of which I confiscated for my dolls. Don't worry there's still lots to work with for that other project. When I started I planned to make the doll on my usual old disc & wire stand. But then I spied this groovy, metal thingy in my stuff, and decided that would be wonderful. Used a metal paper towel holder: top cut off top loop, and welded the gear thing on base. Perfect!
This picture also shows the boots I wound up with for Amber. Am working on another doll using another pair, along with extra body parts that I always seem to manage to have. Later when my tech guys come to help me re-do my website (sometime later this month) I'll see about adding a link to show others how to make the boots. Right now, however, I'm enjoying my Steam Punkin....a lot more fun than fighting with computers.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


In her new classroom in Pensacola Florida. She's a very popular gal!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


My little operation, turned out to be more than expected. Was a lot of stuff to fix in there, and a lot more pain than I expected! On the good side, while talking to daughter Rachel, we decided she needs a doll for the kids in her kindergarten class to tell their problems to...so although it was a slow go I made "TILLIE TELLME". It was a great way to occupy myself & do something creative. I made her head first, with big ears for listening. Gave her purple hair braided to stand up. Legs & arms are jointed with buttons so they can be posed, and fingers have wire to hold stuff. Already thinking of ways to incorporate her into classroom activities. Painted her shoes so they wouldn't get lost, and made yarn ties, which can be undone for kids to practice those skills. I made some wings for her to fly from Colorado to Florida, but they are just held on with a ribbon in back so can be removed.
So this is my first doll for 2011...HAPPY NEW YEAR!