Sunday, March 20, 2011


Thought I'd show the hat, goggles, boots, and pistol. Goggles are made with grommets removed from fabric samples: wired and gaps filled in with cold porcelain. Hat is made of velveteen with wired brim to shape. Tried to copy one I saw a guy wearing on the internet. Needed some tweaking for his boots...wanted them to have a flatter heal than the ones made for the ladies. His pistol is made with an old school locker key, with a bolo tie tip glued into the end. I then cut off a clothes pin, drilled hole through it and inserted the key and a washer to fill in the space. Later will probably get fancier, but for now this works. Finally the floor of the base he stands on is "paper" metal. Brown paper, with glue applied, then burned with a candle to give a metal look.This, and the goggles were some of the ideas I put in the article for DollStreet.

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