Sunday, March 20, 2011


Finally got him finished! I was calling him Clyde before, but now I'm thinking Pistol Pete since that was my reason for making him, that and I wanted to put goggles on someone. He was really a "hit & miss" project. Designing the hat: first one was too small & tried a couple of different ways to put it all together. His jacket is made of upholstery scraps. It was a little heavy, and frayed if not handled carefully. The worst problem tho was I had planned on him holding the pistol up in front. It was a bit too heavy for that. Next time I will put a heavier wire armature in.
When making the goggles I made one pair & put some "bumpy" wire across the top. It was too "girlie" now I guess I'm gonna have to make a female aviator type: Amelia could be her name. We shall see.


  1. Hey Laura!
    I am totally loving your Steampunkers! You're doing a fantastic job! I love how you describe your ideas for the accessories too, like the gun! Excellent!

  2. Hi Laura,

    Catching up with your blog and I must say your Steampunk dolls are awesome! Love all the details on them.

  3. He looks good, I like his goggles. Excellent job! I am impressed.