Saturday, March 5, 2011


My Art Thing group has a new a bag of "junk" with each other, and making it into a piece of art. I lucked out, 'cause I got some really cool stuff, some of which I confiscated for my dolls. Don't worry there's still lots to work with for that other project. When I started I planned to make the doll on my usual old disc & wire stand. But then I spied this groovy, metal thingy in my stuff, and decided that would be wonderful. Used a metal paper towel holder: top cut off top loop, and welded the gear thing on base. Perfect!
This picture also shows the boots I wound up with for Amber. Am working on another doll using another pair, along with extra body parts that I always seem to manage to have. Later when my tech guys come to help me re-do my website (sometime later this month) I'll see about adding a link to show others how to make the boots. Right now, however, I'm enjoying my Steam Punkin....a lot more fun than fighting with computers.

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  1. I love this doll Laura!! She is so fabulous! I bought some gear parts yesterday. Maybe I should try one too!
    hugs Karen