Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Had to use the "girlie" goggles and make female aviator type. Watched an old movie about the Red Baron on Netflix, and that gave me inspiration for her hat, which I wound up making in a lining it would looks like leather, but of course not as bulky. Her kite is made of my "paper metal", as well as the cover on the base. I really like this look. After viewing pics online, I also changed my mind on her costuming...liked the puffy sleeves, as they did better than the ones I originally planned; with her arm extended up it just didn't work. Of course the pictures on line had a sexier type girl with a lace skirt, but Wendy didn't like that look, so may have to do another doll for that. hehehe
Had a bugger of a time taking her picture. Spent over an hour trying to get a good shot to show everything. After several attempts (thank goodness for digital cameras) finally decided the only way was to take 2 pictures: one of her, and another of the kite. So that's what I did, after several explosions of profanity. Sigh ... what we must go through for our art!


I even tried taking a picture outdoors thinking that would solve my problems, so took a cloth out to the garden to put on the fence (trying to cover the hay & goats in background). Placed her on an upside-down flower pot (nothing growing right now anyway) and as you can see..not all that successful with the edge of the cloth & dirt showing....oh well. It does however show the "form" of the whole thing, so decided to go ahead and put her up along with the closer shots.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Finally got him finished! I was calling him Clyde before, but now I'm thinking Pistol Pete since that was my reason for making him, that and I wanted to put goggles on someone. He was really a "hit & miss" project. Designing the hat: first one was too small & tried a couple of different ways to put it all together. His jacket is made of upholstery scraps. It was a little heavy, and frayed if not handled carefully. The worst problem tho was I had planned on him holding the pistol up in front. It was a bit too heavy for that. Next time I will put a heavier wire armature in.
When making the goggles I made one pair & put some "bumpy" wire across the top. It was too "girlie" now I guess I'm gonna have to make a female aviator type: Amelia could be her name. We shall see.


Thought I'd show the hat, goggles, boots, and pistol. Goggles are made with grommets removed from fabric samples: wired and gaps filled in with cold porcelain. Hat is made of velveteen with wired brim to shape. Tried to copy one I saw a guy wearing on the internet. Needed some tweaking for his boots...wanted them to have a flatter heal than the ones made for the ladies. His pistol is made with an old school locker key, with a bolo tie tip glued into the end. I then cut off a clothes pin, drilled hole through it and inserted the key and a washer to fill in the space. Later will probably get fancier, but for now this works. Finally the floor of the base he stands on is "paper" metal. Brown paper, with glue applied, then burned with a candle to give a metal look.This, and the goggles were some of the ideas I put in the article for DollStreet.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


While designing Amber, as usual had extra parts. Plan was to make a guy, but then I came across this "scarf" I had made for myself, and the next thing I knew I was making it into a skirt for Bridget. The face was still too masculine, so "Clyde" (that's his name for may change when he's all together) is still in the works, but once again the doll leads the way. I have already been working on goggles, and thought of putting some on Bridget, but after re-doing, liked her face too much...Clyde definitely will be wearing them. B is wearing shorter painted boots with an overlay of black leather, accented with sequin pins to look like nails. Making the boots and legs as one piece works great with these guys. Plan to put together a pattern for doing this, and I just completed designing a top hat for Clyde.
Meanwhile my new tech guys came by this week, and we're going to finally re-do my website. So am feverishly Steam Punkin' as I know once I get started on the web site it will devour my time for a while. It's the only way I can learn and remember.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


These past few weeks have been so new computer has been one problem after another. Finally found some great guys to help, but they had to take the thing off premises. Gave me the perfect opportunity to spend my energy working on Doll Street's Steam Punk challenge. What a great time I'm having! There's so many facets to explore. I have tables scattered with pieces of "junk" jewelry, chains, watches, remotes...all kinds of things broken apart to get to the parts. If you don't know what Steam Punk is...Google it.
Amber is my first, but there are more to come for several reasons. One being that as I experimented I had rejects. They were put into a little basket, and will be fact I have another in progress as we speak. These first 2 are rather feminine, but I am very attracted to the leather/aviator goggled, gun slinging broads I see on the net, so hope to go there next. To think I used to love sweet little fairies..hahahaha!


My Art Thing group has a new a bag of "junk" with each other, and making it into a piece of art. I lucked out, 'cause I got some really cool stuff, some of which I confiscated for my dolls. Don't worry there's still lots to work with for that other project. When I started I planned to make the doll on my usual old disc & wire stand. But then I spied this groovy, metal thingy in my stuff, and decided that would be wonderful. Used a metal paper towel holder: top cut off top loop, and welded the gear thing on base. Perfect!
This picture also shows the boots I wound up with for Amber. Am working on another doll using another pair, along with extra body parts that I always seem to manage to have. Later when my tech guys come to help me re-do my website (sometime later this month) I'll see about adding a link to show others how to make the boots. Right now, however, I'm enjoying my Steam Punkin....a lot more fun than fighting with computers.