Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Had to use the "girlie" goggles and make female aviator type. Watched an old movie about the Red Baron on Netflix, and that gave me inspiration for her hat, which I wound up making in a lining it would looks like leather, but of course not as bulky. Her kite is made of my "paper metal", as well as the cover on the base. I really like this look. After viewing pics online, I also changed my mind on her costuming...liked the puffy sleeves, as they did better than the ones I originally planned; with her arm extended up it just didn't work. Of course the pictures on line had a sexier type girl with a lace skirt, but Wendy didn't like that look, so may have to do another doll for that. hehehe
Had a bugger of a time taking her picture. Spent over an hour trying to get a good shot to show everything. After several attempts (thank goodness for digital cameras) finally decided the only way was to take 2 pictures: one of her, and another of the kite. So that's what I did, after several explosions of profanity. Sigh ... what we must go through for our art!


  1. She's absolutely fabulous! I hope that you plan on sending some of these lovelies to AFIC! I didn't realize you live in Colorado ... maybe we can get together sometime if I 'ever' visit my brother in Boulder!

    Judi from Doll Street

  2. Laura,

    I LOVE your steampunk dolls. I love your work and think these dolls are wonderful and exceptional! Those goggles are a hoot! Great job on all counts!

  3. Will you be a AFIC? I am a newbie to doll making and am so excited about going! Hope to meet you there

  4. WOW! You are right, those gorgeous Steam Punk Dolls are awesome and very inspirational! I'm following this blog now (thought I was already!) I enjoy your art!!!

  5. love it Laura - hope to see you at AFIC?
    xxx Linda.

  6. I love Wendy and her kite! Super fabulous!
    I thought I was a follower of your blog but don't see my picture on there. So NOW I am a Follower. Maybe you would like to follow my blog too. VBG

  7. Love your steam punk dolls they are awesome.