Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Talk about extremes! My last big project were little 6" girls....this one is closer to 6 feet! My Art Thing group's project theme this year is Steam Punk, and we have an Art Walk in Alamosa next month, so since I have been thinking of making a life size doll, I decided it was time! It all started with mannequin legs got at an auction for $2.50. The upper torso is made using some of that plaster wrap tape for making casts. She is made in 2 parts, so I can transport her in my car. I had gone to a workshop on paperclay, and planned to use that for the head, but after several attempts, could not get a smooth enough surface, so went to soft sculptured fabric. After the 4th try finally got it large enough...and I have a cute smaller head which I think I will make into a little elf, later. The main thing about this project is I learned some new techniques to use. I'll put up some of these on my wordpress blog, in case others are inspired to try their hand at making a larger doll. I'm now torn between another Steam Punk Aviator type, or since I have a great pair of cowboy boots from the thrift store, perhaps a cow girl...or perhaps both. Who knows! I always tell everyone I have the mind of a 6 year old..and this proves it!