Thursday, December 23, 2010


It's been quite a hectic time. Had friends from Fla. staying with us for the past 2 weeks, which slowed me down a bit. However, not only did I sell several pieces at the museum, but got requests for more. I told them in some cases I could make another one, but not to expect it to be exactly the same. "It's like having children. Same parents, similar features,but they do not look exactly alike!" Thought I'd throw that in, as it was an easy way to explain. My little business card holder was another hit, so Kat asked if I could make up 5 more. Which I did, but this entailed coming up with a new design as the original was quickly thrown together. After tweaking & playing I think I came up with a much better one...and happily others thought so too. Now it's time to clean up all my messes, so I can make more in the New Year!


Had been working on this doll, not knowing "who" she wanted to be. Her mouth just wouldn't do tried a new experiment: used some of my cold porcelain to go over the cloth mouth...that's when she told me she wanted to be Lady GaGa!

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Had a nice turn out for the show, and lots of good comments. Sold 3 pieces so far, which is always great. One set of the Three Kings sold, so now I have an excuse to make more for other Holiday events. Lot's events scheduled to take place at the Museum during the next few weeks Kat told me, so have big hopes. If nothing else can't beat the exposure! Now I need to clean up the messes I made getting ready for the big event!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Business Card Holder

Wanted a cute, effective way to display my business cards,so made this sweet little girl. The actual card holder is a little box I cut down & covered with a ribbon, then glued and sewed her around it. She'll make her debut at the Museum display Friday.


Have you ever noticed when you're washing clothes
There's one sock missing...ever wonder where it goes?
When you put them in the wash, you're sure there was a pair
But, when you take them out, only one sock is there
Well it seems there is a group of little elfin folk
Who for some reason, think it's quite the funny joke
When you're not looking, to sneak in and snatch
A sock or two...but never take one's that match
The fun would seem to be in watching your despair
As you look for that missing sock, but it's just not there
There really isn't much that you can do
Those pesky little rascals steal my socks too
And although it's aggravating, goodness knows
I just hope they stick to socks & not my pantyhose!

I've had this little head sitting around for several months, so decided I'd complete & make into an elf. As so often happens, he had different ideas about who he should be so I gave in and he is now the Sock Elf. Had to take off his shoes & give him bare feet, as that seemed more appropriate. And yes, his cap is a green sock for which I could not find the mate.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


This is the poster for the show...and I really love it. Invitations are much the same except there is a little "bio" on the side for address. Besides last minute additions I want to include, been running around sticking posters in store windows & addressing cards to send. Getting down to the wire....opening reception is Nov.12th. Kat Olance is wonderful to work with; meaning she does all the work in preparation including getting the design for advertising. I'm excited!!!!


Every year I say I'm going to make the Three Kings for the holidays, since I spent so many in Puerto Rico, where January 6th (3 King's Day) is celebrated. So this year, since I'll be doing my "really big show" at the Adams State College Luther Bean Museum, I was inspired to finally get it done....and I did! I have to say I really enjoyed this one...from the different faces, & needle felting the hair, to the costumes, and finding little pieces to make into their gifts. I used things like the top of a mascara wand, fancy buttons, a plastic bottle covered in candy wrapper (I of course had to eat the candy...the things we do for our art!) My wonderful friend Jane even gave me some pieces of frankincense to include I had so much fun I wound up making to sets of 3 Kings, which confused Hubby at first when he saw 6. One set is just a bit larger than the other, and done featuring the color blue in their costumes.

Friday, September 17, 2010


With Potato Festival over I finally got back to making my Gypsy Challenge doll.
I have to admit this one took me forever to get made! I found the fabric hard to manipulate, so cut into strips. Then I wanted her to look as though she was dancing, so had one foot bent up in back, not thinking about how much fun it would be to put a shoe on that bent foot! Also made 3 heads before getting the "right" one. I was very pleased with my tambourine! I took the inside circle out of a holder for some trim. Painted to look like wood. Cut slits with my Dremel tool,and used 2 sequins for the little "clanger" thingies, held in place with small sequin pins. I also made her a mask, to hold in the other hand since the theme was "Carnival" this year. I named her Aziza Jaleo (Precious Merry Making)...couldn't find a name for OMG when will I get this done!

Sunday, September 12, 2010


As part of the Monte Arts Council aka MAC, my good buddy Jane Rhett & I took on the task of the Kid's Potato Decorating Contest. Of course I couldn't resist making a couple of giant potatoes to ad to the decor. It was a long day, but well worth it as we all had a grand time. I have discovered however I am way too old to be bent over a table for 6 hours...I'm paying the price today...aaargh!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Nice surprise, when I got my last issue of Doll Crafter & Costuming precious little "Punkin" is on the cover!
Since I was not informed ahead of time, it was really a surprise. I had sent her in to be part of their Gallery section. I loved the comment from the editor:
"Laura Lunsford's cloth dolls always put a smile on my face, her latest gallery submission, "Punkin Fairy" is no exception".
Happy Dances!


Just realized I had not put up my Hoffman entry for this meet Inda Ratu Balinese Dancer...showing her "Eastern" influence.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Although he's not famous like his cousin who stars in motion pictures, The Ring Master is a great showman who loves his job, cracking his whip, and keeping the show running!
After seeing ads for the new Johnny Depp movie, I just couldn't resist making this guy, even though I had already made an entry for EDAC. So glad I did, as he was given the "Judge's Choice" award!!!!!TaDa
Speaking of cracking the whip, I took along a couple of horse whips to the conference, which added to the frivolity of the whole thing. The attendance was low this year, but it was still a great conference, and I feel sorry for those who missed it. I certainly loved my teacher, Rebecca Schumacher, but I know the gals who took classes from Wendy Rinehart (who is also such a great talent) were thrilled with her class. Wendy is Canadian, and drove down with her sister & daughter. They added so much to the whole thing. And as always eleanor peace bailey had her Art Asylum which is a fantastic experience, bringing new insight & inspiration in doll making.
Glad to be back home, but so glad I was able to go!


She looks so sophisticated on her web site...but our little "Becky" turned out to be quite a character....and soooooo talented!!!!! I took the class thinking I had heard a lot about Apoxy Sculpt, so why not learn a little something about it. WELL we learned so much from this wonderful talented lady (and I use the term loosely here). Not only is she a great artist, but she's an inspiring teacher. I am so glad I was able to take her class, learn how to use the product & get to know a wonderful gal! What a treat!
And I notice in the picture it looks like a little horn, on the side of her head, but it's's just the way the curtains folded. However............


No she's not jumping on the table to dance...but in the spirit of things she put her foot up on the table so we could see how it looked!
Too bad I wasn't able to get pics of her showing her "double jointedness" was quite a show! Whatta gal!


We're encouraged to work "out of the box"....and Elma really did! She is known for her beautiful cold porcelain flowers...lovely delicate creations, but when she got ahold of the apoxy sculpt she sure went in another direction. I only got a photo of this part, but she's working on making the trunk & more twigs & twines...can't wait to see the completed work.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Haven't posted much lately, but that's because I've been busy doing other stuff. Mostly getting ready for Enchanted Doll Artists Conference the end of this month. As usual I get all excited when I have a new project. So months ago I made my entry for the doll challenge which was this loverly moon,
embellished with lots of little circus performers. Had a grand time making it all. Particularly loved the little clowns, and almost wished I could make them for doll pins, but since they were featured on my "masterpiece", figured that wouldn't work, so did something else for them. Just when I thought I had everything under control, I had this terrible urge to make another doll for my Challenge entry. I finally gave in and made it last week, and really glad I did. Can't wait to show it off, but don't want to post until after the conference. Meanwhile, since the Circus Moon will no longer be in competition, decided to put it up.
Oh and this weekend got my doll magazines. Only had letter to Editor with plug for EDAC and a Snippet in SD&A, but TWO of my dolls ( Autumn & Nature Girl) were in the Gallery in Doll Crafter & Costuming!!!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Realized I wanted to show more detail of Blue's wings, & my beading endeavor, so here's a closeup.


Haven't named her yet ...since she was in such a hurry to be done! Actually her head and body were left overs from other projects. I liked them, but not for those particular things. Once I brought them together, she started yelling, "Do Me, Do Me!" so I had to work on her rather than what was on my schedule. I tried couple of new things ( new, for me). For instance, this time I made her wings of lutradur. I had gotten it awhile back, but just not gotten around to trying it. I like it!!!!!Paints blend beautifully, and are nice and shear. I was going to ad Angelina fibers, but this time decided to glue on cut outs from her dress fabric (cut with the sharp tip of soldering iron).
So now that she is done, perhaps I can move on and perhaps get my Gypsy Challenge doll going.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


When I did my presentation at the Museum, a very precocious & adorable young girl was in attendance. Her mother is on the Monte Arts Council (MAC) board with me. Grace took great interest in my program. I found she was collector of fairies, so I sent her a fairy I had made a few years back from a pattern by Patti Maderas Culea. I have started "cleaning" out many of my earlier dolls....after all there's only so much room to store things & I keep making more! Anyway, Grace attended our MAC meeting last night & gave me this note, which "Mother was supposed to have given me a long time ago". What a treasure!!!!
Meanwhile, I haven't posted much lately. Been working on garden stuff. In fact have 3 tomato plants in 5 gallon buckets, that are a good 2' high and one has over a dozen tomatoes, which will soon be ready to eat, and the other 2 are blooming and making little ones. Yummmmm.
I have also been busy with doll making. Finished my Hoffman Challenge doll, and spent the last week working on a "Blue" Fairy. I'm trying to do more bead work, so did cut outs and beads all over her bodice. Spent one whole day trying to decide on her hair do. Finally wound up with some of the mohair I traded for, dyed a pale blue and felted. When I get her beaded necklace done I'll post her picture. Meanwhile just had to show off my Thank You note!

Friday, March 26, 2010


And NO I did not commit a felony!
I knew there was going to be a story, since the editor had contacted me and spent over an hour visiting. But I thought it was going to be about the Art Walk in Alamosa this weekend. Imagine my surprise to find myself front page with 2 color photos, and more story & pictures on page 3! The Art Walk was covered in a separate story. We had shopping to do, and I felt like a rock star with all the attention! Husband, as always, kept things in perspective. As the compliments were coming, about how talented I am etc., he would chime in, "Yes, and she's a great cook too!"
We all have our priorities!

Sunday, February 14, 2010


I wore my new "necklace" and everyone loved it!!!
They were a great bunch, and they really seemed to enjoy the whole thing...laughed and applauded my poems & stories, and had a good question/answer session afterwords. One I was particularly happy about was a husband who was home on leave from the war, who asked a couple of questions about my dolls and how I made them! I know his wife probably drug him there, but then he showed a real interest! Such a fun thing! Next month we have an Art Walk, where I will be demonstrating techniques, and a couple of ladies are all geared up for that.


Just kidding..this was after I did my presentation.


I have been asked to do a program at the Museum in Alamosa, with my dolls, poems and stories today: Valentine's Day. It's been quite a week. I have the whole story on my other blog: (for any who might be interested)
Anyway, as I was putting together the dolls I wanted to use to take to the museum, my favorite little friend decided, he should help me...or maybe I misread his intentions, and he wanted to go with me...or maybe he was just being his usual get in-my face self, as he loves nothing more than getting into the middle of whatever I'm doing. But I do love him! Anyway, in spite of him I got things set, and am looking forward to doing my program....hope to get Hubby to take pics. We'll see.

Monday, January 18, 2010


I thought I put up the following post on my Blog...well I did, but unfortunately, I have 2 Blogs. One for my stuff and one to post things going on around our place, which I call "lunsfordland". My post about the Ugly Necklace went to lunsfordland. I was wondering why no one commented on it.........So today I tried to rectify the mistake, only to find my post went to the Monte Arts Council Blog. BUT finally, I have accomplished my mission....whew!
PLEASE look at my purty necklace, now on this Blog!


Sad to say (sorta) I went off on a tangent without thoroughly reading the rules when I cam across an "Ugly Necklace" challenge,and decided it would be just the thing to get me perking in the New Year. So I dug out a bunch of "rejected" doll parts, and decided to make them the focal point of my masterpiece. First I made a base with a pocket in the back to hold stuff....I love to wear things around my neck to hold stuff, so I can use my hands for other things ( like talking). I'm calling this my Doll Parts Charm Necklace, because it's bits and pieces of heads, arms, legs, hands, etc. embellished with beads, fringe & bits of fabric, AND an eyeglass holder with an Indian maiden at the center bottom. My favorite part though was using a pair of "too long" arms at the top to go around my neck.
So, job completed, I went to the web site for the contest, and lo and behold, I had not read the rules! I had just perused the pictures from past entrants and jumped right in. So imagine my dismay when I found there were specific colors (and it was even one of my favorites: purple)...specific sizes, amounts of beads, and...well it matters not. Mine would not qualify for entry.
I must admit I still had a grand time putting it all together, AND it will not go to waste, as I will wear it. I can just hear the comments at EDAC this summer. :0} Also, I'll probably wear it next month when I do my program for the Museum in Alamosa...after all you must admit it is a show stopper.
Now lemme see...where are my purple beads