Saturday, May 15, 2010


Haven't named her yet ...since she was in such a hurry to be done! Actually her head and body were left overs from other projects. I liked them, but not for those particular things. Once I brought them together, she started yelling, "Do Me, Do Me!" so I had to work on her rather than what was on my schedule. I tried couple of new things ( new, for me). For instance, this time I made her wings of lutradur. I had gotten it awhile back, but just not gotten around to trying it. I like it!!!!!Paints blend beautifully, and are nice and shear. I was going to ad Angelina fibers, but this time decided to glue on cut outs from her dress fabric (cut with the sharp tip of soldering iron).
So now that she is done, perhaps I can move on and perhaps get my Gypsy Challenge doll going.

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  1. She is absolutely lovely and sooo blue.......!