Wednesday, May 21, 2014


The theme for the Art Thing show next month is Sticks & Stones I thought perhaps I should ad some stones to my repertoire. When we lived in Fla. I coveted the neat rocks I found out here, and would manage to stockpile some under the seats to take back with me to paint. Now they are everywhere, so of course I tend to ignore them. So here's a few I painted...will have a couple as door prizes for the show opening. Also finished one more wood house. This one is made to hang. The actual house is an ice cream carton I cut in half so it has a flat back, then covered in the "scales" off of pine cones. For strength I pulled out the ol hot glue gun to hold the carton together. With all the new glue, it's been a long time since I used it...and now I remember why....need to be careful. IT"S HOT! Each of these houses has a little critter, so this one has a little needle felted bird. I plan to make it 3 birds, but since I've been trying very hard to be good & put things away, I need to dig out the felting stuff. I love belonging to this art group and having a challenge to come up with different things!

Monday, May 12, 2014


The challenge this time for my Art Thing group. Everyone has to create a piece using the agreed upon materials. At first I thought of painting animals on rocks as I had done many years ago. But then decided Fairy Houses, would be fun. Once again I was right! Made the round one using pieces of bark salvaged from the wood pile. Besides the dragon on the roof, I made a couple of little fairy faces peaking out of the windows. The tall house is made of aspen slabs, left over from a friend's furniture making projects. Had a fit trying to make a roof, until I made it flat, filled in with spanish moss & trimmed with dried flowers from a yucca plant. A steampunk owl sits on top. Because of the beautiful gnarls in the wood, I put the door on the side instead of the front. Used sliced black walnut shells to decorate. The back is flat so it can be hung on the wall. Thinking of making another house using stones. Since it snowed again here today I need to be inside anyway....


Doing another workshop the end of the month. Friday we'll make flowers with ribbon & fabrics. Saturday decorate mini hats (6") with flowers and/or lace,feathers and other stuph. These little hats are popular with Steampunk, and are a lot of fun to make & wear. Had a couple of ladies model during a Red Hat lunch.