Wednesday, May 21, 2014


The theme for the Art Thing show next month is Sticks & Stones I thought perhaps I should ad some stones to my repertoire. When we lived in Fla. I coveted the neat rocks I found out here, and would manage to stockpile some under the seats to take back with me to paint. Now they are everywhere, so of course I tend to ignore them. So here's a few I painted...will have a couple as door prizes for the show opening. Also finished one more wood house. This one is made to hang. The actual house is an ice cream carton I cut in half so it has a flat back, then covered in the "scales" off of pine cones. For strength I pulled out the ol hot glue gun to hold the carton together. With all the new glue, it's been a long time since I used it...and now I remember why....need to be careful. IT"S HOT! Each of these houses has a little critter, so this one has a little needle felted bird. I plan to make it 3 birds, but since I've been trying very hard to be good & put things away, I need to dig out the felting stuff. I love belonging to this art group and having a challenge to come up with different things!

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