Monday, January 18, 2010


I thought I put up the following post on my Blog...well I did, but unfortunately, I have 2 Blogs. One for my stuff and one to post things going on around our place, which I call "lunsfordland". My post about the Ugly Necklace went to lunsfordland. I was wondering why no one commented on it.........So today I tried to rectify the mistake, only to find my post went to the Monte Arts Council Blog. BUT finally, I have accomplished my mission....whew!
PLEASE look at my purty necklace, now on this Blog!


Sad to say (sorta) I went off on a tangent without thoroughly reading the rules when I cam across an "Ugly Necklace" challenge,and decided it would be just the thing to get me perking in the New Year. So I dug out a bunch of "rejected" doll parts, and decided to make them the focal point of my masterpiece. First I made a base with a pocket in the back to hold stuff....I love to wear things around my neck to hold stuff, so I can use my hands for other things ( like talking). I'm calling this my Doll Parts Charm Necklace, because it's bits and pieces of heads, arms, legs, hands, etc. embellished with beads, fringe & bits of fabric, AND an eyeglass holder with an Indian maiden at the center bottom. My favorite part though was using a pair of "too long" arms at the top to go around my neck.
So, job completed, I went to the web site for the contest, and lo and behold, I had not read the rules! I had just perused the pictures from past entrants and jumped right in. So imagine my dismay when I found there were specific colors (and it was even one of my favorites: purple)...specific sizes, amounts of beads, and...well it matters not. Mine would not qualify for entry.
I must admit I still had a grand time putting it all together, AND it will not go to waste, as I will wear it. I can just hear the comments at EDAC this summer. :0} Also, I'll probably wear it next month when I do my program for the Museum in Alamosa...after all you must admit it is a show stopper.
Now lemme see...where are my purple beads