Monday, January 18, 2010


Sad to say (sorta) I went off on a tangent without thoroughly reading the rules when I cam across an "Ugly Necklace" challenge,and decided it would be just the thing to get me perking in the New Year. So I dug out a bunch of "rejected" doll parts, and decided to make them the focal point of my masterpiece. First I made a base with a pocket in the back to hold stuff....I love to wear things around my neck to hold stuff, so I can use my hands for other things ( like talking). I'm calling this my Doll Parts Charm Necklace, because it's bits and pieces of heads, arms, legs, hands, etc. embellished with beads, fringe & bits of fabric, AND an eyeglass holder with an Indian maiden at the center bottom. My favorite part though was using a pair of "too long" arms at the top to go around my neck.
So, job completed, I went to the web site for the contest, and lo and behold, I had not read the rules! I had just perused the pictures from past entrants and jumped right in. So imagine my dismay when I found there were specific colors (and it was even one of my favorites: purple)...specific sizes, amounts of beads, and...well it matters not. Mine would not qualify for entry.
I must admit I still had a grand time putting it all together, AND it will not go to waste, as I will wear it. I can just hear the comments at EDAC this summer. :0} Also, I'll probably wear it next month when I do my program for the Museum in Alamosa...after all you must admit it is a show stopper.
Now lemme see...where are my purple beads


  1. ...even if was accepted it could never win an ugly contest...because it is BEAUTIFUL! you can wear it proudly!

  2. I love it!! great idea, how grand to have all your little friends right there to discuss great ideas with....two heads... will maybe more than two heads are better than one.

  3. Well, this has got to be one of the most beautiful mistakes! I would like this mistake!!! great idea and wonderful necklace! I want one too!!!!

  4. What a brilliant idea, its great. I love it.

  5. Your necklace is great! I have one of your doll pins from EDAC a couple of years ago. I hope they hurry and announce this years agenda.

  6. its great... lovely idea! must dig out my reject parts.... ugly it is not!

  7. Oh Laura, I love the necklace! It is superduper!

  8. This is my first visit here!;-)
    Oh MY!!!!
    your necklace is so Fabulous and FUN!!!
    Be sure to take pics while at your events!!!
    I would love to see it worn!!
    Happy Dolling!!!
    Kristine ;-)