Sunday, December 1, 2013

Pearl & Bea

A friends request for a doll knitting inspired Pearl (as in knit 1 pearl 2). There are a lot of quilters here, so quilting Bea was added. These 13" ladies are made to sit while they work with simple joints. Legs & shoes are one piece. Hair is made of unraveled sweaters, and glasses (since most of us wear them for doing this kind of work) are made of wire. Pearl's knitting needles hold her latest project, and Bea holds needle & thread to work on her quilt which is fabric already printed in little squares. I made several as I think these girls will be quite popular at the church bazaar next weekend. Hope so as I had to finish them up with right arm in a sling...what we do for our art eh? And yes I plan to write up the pattern.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Had a great turn out...happy to see most artists dressed in Steampunk. I was afraid it would only be me and my 2 best buddies Jane Rhett and Suz Phillips. But the gang came though as well as some others. Guess what was the first thing sold? My skull, "When I Grow Old I'll Wear Purple". Glad to know others have a quirky sense of humor. This was such a great success, we're planning on doing it again next year, now that we've educated folks here about what Steampunk is.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


My LAST Steampunk!!! Our reception is this Saturday, and I still have to work on my witch hat, since I bought a long red wig to wear, and it makes things up there very slippery. Why can't I leave well enough alone??? Am now practicing walking slowly, head erect and not making any sudden moves, or I won't fly, but my hat may! Anyway, could not resist making this "lady". She has gears on one side, and lace on the other, so had to post 2 shots of her. She wears steampunked ear rings, since I can't with that wig. I'm pretty sure my friend Suz's skull "The Thinker" will think she's "hot'.

Monday, October 7, 2013


The owner of the gallery for our art show, is so pleased with all the steampunk art she would be happy to move things around to make room for more! How could I am adding a few "older" things,but also made a few new. Little Owsly is about 4" and fits into a display with other Steampunk stuff, like Buzz the Dragonfly, etc. Everyone seems to really like him, so will be doing more for Holiday Bazaar...probably make in bright colors to use as ornament. And will offer pattern for others. Then there is the Grim Greeter She started as a purchase-after-the holiday last year, and has been waiting all this time for her chance to hang. I added lace up boots, a top hat with long feathers, some "crochet wire" for hair ornament, a chain with keys etc. and a sign that says "Once A Steampunk...Always A Steampunk". She's hanging on the entrance to the gallery, so she is very happy. Me too!!!

Monday, September 16, 2013


Two more door prizes for our art show next month!!! I saw the Boos online, and could not resist making..what a fun gift huh? Also since I sent in witch hat for next Just Steampunk Magazine, editor Kelly offered to send some copies to give away, so that will make a nice addition.

Friday, September 13, 2013


Finally finished my hat for our Art Show next month.Wore it to our meeting last night...everyone was impressed..I think, at least they pretended. My biggest challenge was getting it balanced so it wouldn't slide off with that long "tail" I had. I put a couple of keys on a chain on the other side, which really helped. Now I just need to remember to be less animated when I'm talking so I don't have it flying off across the room. "Hoot"my little pet owl will be sitting on my shoulder. I know everyone loves him. He started as purchase at the dollar store, so took a little trimming, but still a great start point. I will be making another for one of our door prizes at the show.

Saturday, September 7, 2013


I know I said I was going to put them aside for now, but I had already made this guy, and he kept staring at me as I was putting stuff away,so after laying awake thinking about it, I gave in and finished the fellar! One of the things I wanted to do was try using oil pastels blended with water to make a "subtle" design for a background. It worked out pretty well, but doesn't show up in pics...too subtle I guess. But I like it. My big problem is, it's so much fun putting these together!! Now that the last sewn one is done tho, I WILL stop. I'm thinking maybe I'll do some cats for the Holidays. Cat lovers, love cats, so they should be popular. But first I will get my other "chores" done...lemme see...where was I?

Thursday, September 5, 2013


I need to send National Geographic a thank you for sending me down this path! I really had a great time coming up with these guys. I still have one more technique I want to try, but other things call for a while. These guys are about 13" long and 8" tall. It took me 2 days to design the 7" Mahout, aka elephant trainer. I tried fabric heads, but didn't like the outcome, so messed with a press mold face. Much better. The other challenge was the umbrellas, which were very prevalent in online photos. I woke up at 1 AM with the solution! Again, one of the things I love most: finding ways to accomplish what I want. Now am ready to take my notes and write into pattern, and it's also time to get into the garden chores...then one more pachyderm... oh and I need to work on my Steampunk Witch costume for the Art Thing show next month! So much to do so little time!

Monday, September 2, 2013


Percival Pachyderm is 13", painted fabric. I did lots of experimenting on this fellow! Used pill bottles in his legs for weight, but later discovered truck lugs nuts while rummaging through Hubbies "junk". So he has plenty of weight (but don't all elephants?). Anyway thought it best to display on a tray, due to his weight, AND the little 1" polymer mouse which might get lost. Stanley carries a "steam punked" rifle, which was also fun to create. A few weeks ago I came across an article in National Geographic featuring wonderful painted Pachyderms for a festival in India. So I decided they would make a great project. I started putting a few together, again experimenting with different techniques. I was really enjoying them, until I mentioned to my friend Suz, and she suggested I should make a Steampunk elephant for our Steampunk Art Thing show in October. So the fancy elephants got put on a shelf, and I went to work on the new project...I'm so easily distracted! Anyway, am glad I took her advice..and now will be glad to get back to the original elephants. The good thing is I had already gathered fabrics & embellishments, so it's just a matter of putting them together.

Thursday, June 20, 2013


Thought it would be fun to have pics of me with Sue to put her actual size in perspective. Friday & Saturday she and some of my little girls & felted cats will be on display for the Art Walk in Alamosa. Took her in on Thurs. and already got 2 calls from visitors to the guess she will be popular.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Talk about extremes! My last big project were little 6" girls....this one is closer to 6 feet! My Art Thing group's project theme this year is Steam Punk, and we have an Art Walk in Alamosa next month, so since I have been thinking of making a life size doll, I decided it was time! It all started with mannequin legs got at an auction for $2.50. The upper torso is made using some of that plaster wrap tape for making casts. She is made in 2 parts, so I can transport her in my car. I had gone to a workshop on paperclay, and planned to use that for the head, but after several attempts, could not get a smooth enough surface, so went to soft sculptured fabric. After the 4th try finally got it large enough...and I have a cute smaller head which I think I will make into a little elf, later. The main thing about this project is I learned some new techniques to use. I'll put up some of these on my wordpress blog, in case others are inspired to try their hand at making a larger doll. I'm now torn between another Steam Punk Aviator type, or since I have a great pair of cowboy boots from the thrift store, perhaps a cow girl...or perhaps both. Who knows! I always tell everyone I have the mind of a 6 year old..and this proves it!

Sunday, April 7, 2013


I am putting together some little things for this summer when will once again have Art In The Park with tourists arriving by train on Fridays. Besides the artists there will be live music and other events taking place so should be a lot of fun. And speaking of fun, I'm enjoying making more little dolls using my favorite mold to make cold porcelain faces again. This time I have Yoga dolls meditating, some precious little Sprites, and I came across a poem I wrote a while back called Rejoice, so made a very "rejoiceful" little gal to hang from a copy of the poem. She was inspired by the fabric I had picked up & wanted to mess with. The other thing I had fun with was using mohair & yarns to make some wild hair styles,& adding funky ear rings.

Saturday, March 9, 2013


Here's a couple of felted cat faces, made into pins for you to wear...or pin up to enjoy looking at. Cats are about 3" with a tiny bird or mouse sitting on their heads, which can be removed, but why would you want to? Price includes shipping. US only. Orange Cat $10.50
Black Cat $10.50


These pins are great for all cat lovers. "Built" on gold mat board the pin can hold a message or name, or whatever. Just print on your computer and glue, or write in with a permanent marker. Cat is about 3" and it's little paws hold the 3"X 21/2" board. Cat with Bird $12.00 includes shipping USA only
Cat with Mouse $12.00 includes shipping USA only

Saturday, February 23, 2013


My online doll group, Doll Street Dreamers is having a Mermaid Challenge. We all LOVE Mermaids, and I have designed a few in my day. One is a small neck bag which holds my eyeglasses, and has a small pocket for cash. I also made a very cute (she said with modesty) little 6" Mermaid which is a bit different. So dug her out of my files and wrote up into a pattern & now have her posted for sale on my DollmakerLaura Blogspot. Of course there's also the Steampunk Mermaid too.

Friday, February 22, 2013


Cranes & Crows wanted to carry some of my cats in her shop. She asked if the small ones could be pins...hmmmmm. Good idea. Since I needed a name tag for the art show with my group at the Museum, I decided to make a cat head with little paws holding my name. He of course has a mouse sitting on his head. I like! So am making more to sell, and when time allows will also put up tips on my other Word Press Blog for those who have bought "Poking Fun" to make too. Meanwhile Doll Street is having a Mermaid challenge so am updating some of my Mermaid patterns.

Sunday, January 20, 2013 for patterns

I now have my Steampunk patterns and the felted cats on my new Blog above. It takes a lot of time getting things written! Still need to work on other patterns, but at least now folks can buy these using PayPal once again. Still waiting for my computer guy to get back in town so I can hopefully get that darn web site up with dolls. Getting ready for art show at the museum next month with my Art Thing group so there's plenty to keep me busy!!!

Monday, January 14, 2013


It's been a frustrating time for me trying to get my "stuph" published. Web sites a mess, and Yatimi which I loved closed down, so no longer available to sell patterns. Thanks to Katie Bock who took the time to write me very nice instructions on how to ad a page for patterns and insert PayPal. I was able to do PayPal, but I still couldn't manage to ad a page for patterns, so instead I just created a new Blog. I only have instructions for the felted cats on there right now. This took me most of the morning! I will be putting together all the info for all my other patterns in the next few days. Thanks to all who have ordered patterns from me in the past..hoping you will visit my new place soon!

Sunday, January 13, 2013


My Art Thing group's challenge this year is "Doodle" art. We each start a piece which is passed around with each of us adding onto it, then we have a showing of the final results. At the show, which is scheduled next month at the Rio Grande Museum, along with the challenge pieces we also show 3 or 4 pieces of our "regular" art work. I decided to make a wall doll with doodles covering it...but as I started planning, I found I was still in a cat mode, so, you guessed it, a Doodle Cat was born! Fun to do, and thought it was done, until husband suggested I should ad hair on head top, since that's one of the things he really likes about the felted cats..."and whiskers would look good". Nice having a critic to critique!