Wednesday, March 16, 2011


While designing Amber, as usual had extra parts. Plan was to make a guy, but then I came across this "scarf" I had made for myself, and the next thing I knew I was making it into a skirt for Bridget. The face was still too masculine, so "Clyde" (that's his name for may change when he's all together) is still in the works, but once again the doll leads the way. I have already been working on goggles, and thought of putting some on Bridget, but after re-doing, liked her face too much...Clyde definitely will be wearing them. B is wearing shorter painted boots with an overlay of black leather, accented with sequin pins to look like nails. Making the boots and legs as one piece works great with these guys. Plan to put together a pattern for doing this, and I just completed designing a top hat for Clyde.
Meanwhile my new tech guys came by this week, and we're going to finally re-do my website. So am feverishly Steam Punkin' as I know once I get started on the web site it will devour my time for a while. It's the only way I can learn and remember.


  1. Both of your Steam Punk dolls rock Laura!!!!!!

  2. Another fun doll. I love to see how much fun you are having!