Saturday, May 28, 2011


Web site still in limbo. Have several patterns done, so am offering them as follows, and you can get them by sending payment through Paypal. I've done this with a "friend" in Australia & it seems to be working ok.
Wendy:doll pattern, costuming, aviator hat,and kite
Amelia: doll pattern, costuming, aviator hat/goggles, gloves
Tallulah dragonfly fairy: doll pattern, costuming, Dragonfly/Butterfly pattern
Or you can get indiviual pattern parts:
Basic doll pattern-no costume, 2 Hats - as seen on Pistol Pete & Maggie,
Aviator Hat & Goggles, Gloves, Paper metal kite, Dragonfly&Butterfly
Email me for details, etc. :

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  1. i can pay you through paypal if you tell me how much you want for the patterns.