Friday, May 13, 2011


Was so much fun to make! Original plan was to make him in polymer clay, but since I wanted him a bit lighter so he could fly, I decided he needed cloth wings. I had made a piece of fabric to look like metal, while trying to find the "formula" for Tallulah's boots. So I put together a couple of pieces of for the body, then cut wings out of the fabric. I then ran fine wire all around the edges, and sewed on with gold thread. By making both wing sets in one piece I was able to just fold them over the top of the body, glue, then cover with fancy metal piece. Amongst other things I added a couple of little door hinges to look like they were what attached his wings to his body. My most favorite thing though was his eyes.
The head is a nice shiny ball so the problem was how to attach something to it. I found a little chain, from which I removed 2 sections; cut tiny pieces of fabric, with thin wire between the layers and glued to the back of the chain. GOGGLES! Since I used a light silver fabric I then put a couple of eyeballs with a black Buzz can now see where he's going!

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