Thursday, May 5, 2011


In the immortal words of Judy Skeel, "by a landslide". So this has been quite a week for me. First cover of SD&A and now this. Ironically, Edwina Sutherland won first place, for her fantastic needle felted doll, Doctor Contraption & His Personal People Transporter. Ironic because Edwina's doll The Piper Comes A-Calling (also needle felted) is the featured "Last Peek" doll in the issue of SD&A with Tillie on the cover. As Edwina said: " We're like bookends!"
Still waiting for further reports, but the ones that came in so far sound like it was a fabulous convention. Next one isn't until 2013, so maybe I can save my pennies and make it then. Ohio is just a bit far from here. sigh

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