Wednesday, August 24, 2011


arrived yesterday!!! Love it! In the index it reads: "What is Steam Punk? This fun and fabulous media as defined by an avid doll artist".
But what also got the attention of not only me but Jerry was the letter to the editor
from Laura Lee Ruckle in Pennsylvania, commenting on how much she liked Tillie and that she planned to make her for her grand-daughter who also teaches kindergarten. I wanted to try to contact Laura Lee, not only because this is also my name,but because it was such a touching letter, and I wished to offer a Tillie for that G-D's classroom. I went on line to see if I could find her, only to discover she had passed away in June. Thanks to the computer and my "detective work" I got a hold of one of her daughters (Linda),who gladly gave me the name and address of the teacher. So am sending her the doll, in memory of her grandmother.
Getting ready for Self-Portrait exhibit at Adams State College. Seemed perfect for me, as I have the "Me,Myself & I" winner for SD&A. Also added "Really Me" and Wendy, is now "I Can Fly". Exhibit will run for month of Sept. Also in Sept. we have Potato Festival, so am making things for a booth there. More crafty stuff than art, but good exposure. Also got word the grant came through, so will be teaching a doll class in Del Norte this fall. As Hubby often says,"Sorry we're out here in the boonies with nothing to do!

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  1. You're a real sweetheart for doing this and I'm sure Tillie will be happy in her new home. It really made my day reading about your kind gesture. Hugs and best wishes to you.