Sunday, October 30, 2011


Been busy with class in DelNorte and the usual canning etc. from garden before the snow hits. Classes are going well...everyone seems to be having fun, and talking about more. Meanwhile I managed to put together a couple of fun dolls. One for Margaret who helped me get help with my computer. She wanted a doll who looked like her as a young girl...a tomboy with pigtails. We were both happy with the results.
Then there was a very cute baby doll type in SD&A which I felt I had to make for best Jane to take for her grandson when she goes home for Turkey Day. I still have fond memories of my youngest GS and dolls I made for him, so am a believer in boy dolls!
I, of course, had to change the pattern a bit; the Grandson has wild "fly-away" hair, so used long fake fur, which was the biggest change. Works for me! Now I must get busy & finish my steampunk octopus which I started while when making the SP Mermaid.
He just needs a few more nuts 'n bolts, etc.

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