Sunday, June 19, 2011


I was asked if I could make a small seal for a friend's collection a while back. I've dabbled around the past few months trying to come up with something unique...looked at pics on the internet of seals, made sketches, etc. She said a favorite color was purple, and I could do whatever I wanted. Well, I came across a purple, leopard print last week, and I had seen pictures of leopard seals....voila! I was on my way. Took a couple of attempts (OK 4) to get the position I wanted, with the head up. My first thought was to have the seal with a ball...but as we all know I am still stuck on Steampunk, so as things progressed, my seal, morphed a bit from the original plan.
It now has purple goggles on it's head, a metal button attaching it's tail, little metal discs, on back and front fins, and a clock on it's chest, along with other stuff.
The ball didn't work out, but since it had a little mouth, and I had a little metal fish to put in it...that worked. Friend loved, him & so do I, so next week he will be a pattern in case anyone is interested: he's about 8" long.

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  1. Too cute!!!!! He is a sweetie!!!!!
    Dianne Hart