Sunday, June 19, 2011


Do to popularity of Gruff, plus the fact I still had my stuff out, I decided to make another dog, which turned into making 2 dogs, and a mouse...I am so easily led astray! Dog#1 is a bit larger than Gruff, and is he looks like he's keeping an eye on things, or perhaps begging, which is more like our real dogs. This guy doesn't have a name yet, so that will be for whoever winds up owning him...oh yes, this too will go onto my new online shop at Yatimi.
#2 dog turned out to look rather "poodle-ish" and needed to be named Fritz. He turned out lower in the front so looked like he was after something....a ball???? Nah, poodles were trained to hunt, so Fritz, is after a very tiny (less than an inch long) mouse named Moose. I had just a bit of clay left & as mentioned am easily led astray, so.....
Anyway, Moose has piece of chain for a tail, cut off pieces of ear rings for ears, and legs attached with screws. Even has little metal teeth. Moose is a mighty little mouse!

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  1. I love your steampunk dog.The mermaid is wonderful.It's nice to meet you, Laura. Keep in touch. Sincerely yours, Angelclouds