Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Through a grant at the Community Center. Since this will be an introduction to doll making, with unknown sewing skills, I decided to teach my Tree Top/Table Top Angel which will give a good basic introduction, with needle sculpting a face...and wanting to give more choices, and techniques, also converted her into a fairy... everybody loves fairies! Should be interesting.
Meanwhile, making "stuff" for Art Walk in December, and due to requests for Amber pattern, putting that together. I also started a steampunk octopus
which I want to finish...legs are silver beads, body clay... needs more details, but think it will be really neat when done.
This is garden harvesting time however, so concentrating on getting that done, so I can once again spend time with important things, ie., PLAYING

with dolls...sigh!

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  1. I can't wait tio see this Steampunk octopus! And yes, it's good to admit that making dolls is always about playing with dolls.