Sunday, September 9, 2012


Daughter Rachel bought bunches of books in second hand stores while here for the Reading Center in her kindergarten class. So I decided she needed a bookworm. Took a while to finally get the design done. I wanted him to be upright and able to hold a book. After a couple of attempts, finally got what I wanted, by adding some darts, and a piece of wire that goes from tail to neck, so he can be bent & he stays upright. (nothing worse than a tipsy bookworm). I finally made his arms by twisting 4 chenille stems together for strength and again mobility. They go all the way down into his over sized hands, so he can hold a book. The fabric I chose for him is a bright fluorescent lime green & yellow "tiger-like" stripe. His head is also fluorescent yellow...after all he is very bright!

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