Sunday, January 8, 2012


You know I can't stay away from Steampunk! I have been totally engulfed in making the little 6 inch angel/fairies, but it was just a matter of time before I could not resist morphing her into a Steampunker! Once again I made the face out of cold porcelain, but this time my "mold" was cast from a plastic doll for the face. Wanted her to wear an aviator hat, so made that by sewing soft faux leather in the head area, then cutting out for adding face. Goggles were another dilemma. Never thought I'd be glad I have allergies, until I looked at the packaging: WooHoo..nice little plastic bubbles holding those pills: just right for making goggles, if I cut them out and put 2 together with a tiny jump ring! After several design "tries" I decided to ad little legs, and boots to the original body, and little tubes with hands cut out of my "metal" fabric. Works for me! Her wings are made of some great paper I got years ago which has metal embedded in it...very strong & durable, and texture made nice wings. Just had to "age" it a bit. I used "Stiffy" On her scarf so it flows in place. All in all: I like her!

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  1. Did anyone tell you you're a frickin' genius? I absolutely love your creativity, it's very motivating to me.! Miss you hugely!! Mary (Ohio)