Sunday, November 25, 2012


Been doing more experimenting the needle felting and made a few more animals, but have gone crazy with the cats & mice! Wound up with 20 mice, made while watching TV at night. Everyone, including me, loves the cats, so have pretty much zeroed in on them. My original idea was to have cat's foot on tail of a mouse, but a friend suggested with the look on the cats face,putting the mouse on the cat. Love it! The biggest cat is 9". Now have decided to make little ones into Kitty Angels for the Christmas tree. Anyone who has a cat knows they are! So now think I have everything pretty much figured out and if I can control myself, will be able to do them at the 2 shows I'll be at next weekend and the one after.I always like to have a project to do so people will stop to see what I'm up to.

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  1. These are hilariously fabulous!I love the whimsiocal look of them! Well done!