Monday, February 20, 2012

Steampunk Crows

These are the first. Once again, I must say the fun of steampunk is all the embellishments, so even tho it's the same basic doll (or critter) the added stuff really keeps it interesting. And figuring these things out are what I enjoy. My crows are about 9" or a bit taller with their top hats, which are made of felt then stiffened with stiffy stuff to shape. I decided to just fuse fabric for wings & tail, and legs are from cable wire which Hubby cut for me.I used plastic eyes, but instead of putting the metal disc meant to go on the inside, I put it on the outside in lieu of goggles. Sometimes it takes more effort to get it right,

as was the case when I wanted to make some with aviator hats. I must have tried a dozen times before I finally got the look I was looking for! So that's how most of yesterday was spent. Weather cold & windy, so it's perfect time to work. Finally got it, and should have some pics tomorrow.
These guys were much easier.


  1. Hi Laura, Your projects are always a delight to see. Your mind works at lightspeed I think and your muse keeps you as busy as mine does... Love your crows and the hats are amazing.....Romona

  2. I am really enjoying your creations, Laura! Your imagination is limitless. I think the festival is going to be a smash!...Bonnie :)