Saturday, December 20, 2014


As usual I'm running late with Holiday gifts...however my excuse is I still celebrate by sending gifts for Three Kings Day (Jan. 6) which is the tradition in Puerto Rico, where I lived for so many years. Now that all the local celebrations & bazaars are over I am concentrating on getting packages to be sent to family in Florida & Ga. Last summer when I met the father of my new great grandson, he was impressed with the fact that I am into Steampunk. He calls me Steampunk Gramma. Therefor I decided it would be appropriate to make a steampunk teddy bear for the great grandson. Of course it will be for decoration only. But it was fun to make, and plan to do a few more for Crane Festival this spring. I still love steampunk!!! My other family members are getting T-shirt necklaces of course. Other new grandson-in-law who is campaigning to legalize marijuana in Georgia getting cap embellished with leaves of the weed, and grand daughter's necklace & ear rings also feature that theme. Again will probably make more for Crane Fest for the tourists. lol

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  1. That is so cute Laura! I am sure the bear will be loved for years to come!!