Monday, March 30, 2015


Since many of us can't make the trip, once again members of Dollstreet have been asked to send a display of dolls for AFICC, under the care of the lovely Judy Skeel. Theme this year is "Travelers". It's a long story, but it all started with the idea that Mary Poppins is celebrated this year, so the idea was to honor her. HOWEVER, as everyone knows ya don't mess with Disney & it seems they have the rights. So Travelers was chosen instead. After much consideration I decided to make an altered version of my doll Saloni, who rides on Tattu the elephant. Due to size limits she now rides on a magic carpet. BTW: at Crane Festival, the first thing sold was Betty Bong! TaDa! Betty & Mary Juana will be featured in Sept. SD&A and Connie Canibus in July.

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