Tuesday, January 11, 2011


In her new classroom in Pensacola Florida. She's a very popular gal!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


My little operation, turned out to be more than expected. Was a lot of stuff to fix in there, and a lot more pain than I expected! On the good side, while talking to daughter Rachel, we decided she needs a doll for the kids in her kindergarten class to tell their problems to...so although it was a slow go I made "TILLIE TELLME". It was a great way to occupy myself & do something creative. I made her head first, with big ears for listening. Gave her purple hair braided to stand up. Legs & arms are jointed with buttons so they can be posed, and fingers have wire to hold stuff. Already thinking of ways to incorporate her into classroom activities. Painted her shoes so they wouldn't get lost, and made yarn ties, which can be undone for kids to practice those skills. I made some wings for her to fly from Colorado to Florida, but they are just held on with a ribbon in back so can be removed.
So this is my first doll for 2011...HAPPY NEW YEAR!