Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Had a great turn out...happy to see most artists dressed in Steampunk. I was afraid it would only be me and my 2 best buddies Jane Rhett and Suz Phillips. But the gang came though as well as some others. Guess what was the first thing sold? My skull, "When I Grow Old I'll Wear Purple". Glad to know others have a quirky sense of humor. This was such a great success, we're planning on doing it again next year, now that we've educated folks here about what Steampunk is.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


My LAST Steampunk!!! Our reception is this Saturday, and I still have to work on my witch hat, since I bought a long red wig to wear, and it makes things up there very slippery. Why can't I leave well enough alone??? Am now practicing walking slowly, head erect and not making any sudden moves, or I won't fly, but my hat may! Anyway, could not resist making this "lady". She has gears on one side, and lace on the other, so had to post 2 shots of her. She wears steampunked ear rings, since I can't with that wig. I'm pretty sure my friend Suz's skull "The Thinker" will think she's "hot'.

Monday, October 7, 2013


The owner of the gallery for our art show, is so pleased with all the steampunk art she would be happy to move things around to make room for more! How could I resist..so am adding a few "older" things,but also made a few new. Little Owsly is about 4" and fits into a display with other Steampunk stuff, like Buzz the Dragonfly, etc. Everyone seems to really like him, so will be doing more for Holiday Bazaar...probably make in bright colors to use as ornament. And will offer pattern for others. Then there is the Grim Greeter She started as a purchase-after-the holiday last year, and has been waiting all this time for her chance to hang. I added lace up boots, a top hat with long feathers, some "crochet wire" for hair ornament, a chain with keys etc. and a sign that says "Once A Steampunk...Always A Steampunk". She's hanging on the entrance to the gallery, so she is very happy. Me too!!!