Sunday, December 1, 2013

Pearl & Bea

A friends request for a doll knitting inspired Pearl (as in knit 1 pearl 2). There are a lot of quilters here, so quilting Bea was added. These 13" ladies are made to sit while they work with simple joints. Legs & shoes are one piece. Hair is made of unraveled sweaters, and glasses (since most of us wear them for doing this kind of work) are made of wire. Pearl's knitting needles hold her latest project, and Bea holds needle & thread to work on her quilt which is fabric already printed in little squares. I made several as I think these girls will be quite popular at the church bazaar next weekend. Hope so as I had to finish them up with right arm in a sling...what we do for our art eh? And yes I plan to write up the pattern.