Monday, July 18, 2016


The Art Thing group chose "water" as the theme for this years show. Pirates will of course be part, and fellow artist John Patterson who does the most wonderful metal sculptures is making a pirate ship to display with them. With all the hype about "fish" movies I was moved to make some. In the 60's living in Puerto Rico I had a salt water aquarium populated with fish I caught while snorkeling.I loved my little menagerie and was heart broken to have to leave it when moving back Stateside. So with that in mind I proceeded to create a sea scenario in fabric. Original plan was a mobile, but instead used a box decorated to look like an underwater scene. By hanging the fish with invisible thread, any little breeze makes them bob and move, so it almost feels like a real aquarium! SD&A will feature them in spring 2017 issue.And I will have pattern available as well. Am also working on a "follow up" with some fancier fish, which could be used as pins. Later on that.


Honored again to have one of my creations chosen for posters and pamphlets for annual Art Walk. This year son Greg & daughter Rachel were here too. Always fun showing & sharing doll making. I usually take unfinished pieces so others can try their hand at some painting a face for themselves. Young girl (9th birthday celebrating)has already made reservations for next year!