Sunday, September 9, 2012


Daughter Rachel teaches kindergarten in Fla. so I was inspired to make some animals to decorate her room. These are not stuffed animals to be played with, but are to be hung on the walls. They are so much fun to make, since they are fantasy characters based on the real ones. I think the kids will really like having them in their class. As I went thru my fabric,that was what determined what animal I'd make. The bird is left over from a bathroom curtain.


Got the giraffe done finally. He's the last of the critters I was inspired to make for now. However as I go through my fabric, who knows what will hit me next. I really do have to get busy though and write up instructions for the projects I did using Jacquard Fabric Medium for Soft Dolls & Animals. I sent in the first none, which will be in the March issue next year. So happy the editor liked!!! I'm liking being on the Editorial Consulting Staff for them!!!!


Daughter Rachel bought bunches of books in second hand stores while here for the Reading Center in her kindergarten class. So I decided she needed a bookworm. Took a while to finally get the design done. I wanted him to be upright and able to hold a book. After a couple of attempts, finally got what I wanted, by adding some darts, and a piece of wire that goes from tail to neck, so he can be bent & he stays upright. (nothing worse than a tipsy bookworm). I finally made his arms by twisting 4 chenille stems together for strength and again mobility. They go all the way down into his over sized hands, so he can hold a book. The fabric I chose for him is a bright fluorescent lime green & yellow "tiger-like" stripe. His head is also fluorescent yellow...after all he is very bright!