Sunday, January 26, 2014


I THOUGHT I would "recycle" a couple of dolls for this show & save some time. Valentina was the undressed doll of the pattern for Steampunk article in SD&A. Used a crushed velvet pink jacket to make her outfit, with wired ribbon (wire removed) for her undershirt & trim on the jacket. The fun part here was that she was already mounted permanently to the base..SO had to sew pants onto her body by hand. Boots were black, so painted them to match. Decided I would sorta base her on the Hunger Games movie stuff, so made her an arrow with a heart for the point and flattened out wire for the bow. Rose has been sitting on a shelf for several years. I was experimenting with doing the lycra overlay, painting with gesso, inset glass eyes. Interesting but never quite what I wanted, so decided to work on her at a later date...which was this week. I had given her a pompadour hair do. No matter how much I messed with it, it just didn't look right. Cut it off, and replaced with a little curly wig, and that was it...along with a little hat. ta da! Rose holds a fancy scepter,(knitting needle) embellished with wire & roses, which she uses to cast a spell on young lovers...or something.


  1. What fun dolls! I just love your dolls Laura!
    hugs Karen

  2. Love all your valentine themed dolls and steampunked too! too cute?

  3. Really love Valentina! The clothing and the face are wonderful. Great skirt on Rose. Great job!