Wednesday, April 23, 2014


There are several posts online for making Steampunk hats...the one that caught my eye was made of DUCK TAPE! Of course I took a bit different course, but used the basic technique. They used a real hat. I won't go into details for how they did it, but I got a paper hat after St. Paddy day, covered with saran wrap, then the duck tape so it can be used over. I also made a pattern of the original hat and lined mine to make it nice & sturdy. Brads, cut out fabric flowers, wheels,etc. were used to decorate. The band at the top is actually bagging from potatoes. The other thing I now love is: texture paste. Used a stencil to apply for the design on the hat front. Plan to do more with it. Got the recipe for making with baking soda, white glue & acrylic paint. So of my favorite things! Posted the recipe on my laurascreativemess blog. Hat will be part of my display for the Art Walk in June.

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