Thursday, October 20, 2016


During our Art Thing show at the Museum a colleague talked about her fascination with Dia de los Muertos, a (mostly Hispanic) holiday honoring the dead, which takes place Nov. 2 right after Halloween. I knew the basics, however after checking into it I too am enamored. Faces are painted white with lots of decorations, and costumes are in a wild range of colors and styles. My friend also stated she is a cat lover, and I am also, so that is where I headed on this first plunge. It was challenging coming up with not only the designs, but the process of how to work on black fabric. Naturally this meant having to do more than if I could not. And now that I have my litter of cats, am thinking about more dolls in this same genre, as again there are so many possibilities! BTW I do have written instructions for cats ready.

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  1. Hi Laura,
    Hope you are doing well. :)
    I love your Day of the Dead Cats! They are all so lovely!