Friday, September 11, 2009


A dear old friend from Florida asked me to create an Angel her Christmas tree, with big gold wings. So they were my starting point. I have been making just such an Angel for our Art Thing auction each year (only much less elaborate), so I pretty much knew how I'd make the basic doll, using the empty plastic thread cones for my over lock sewing machine to build on as they are perfect. Joan wanted hers in rich colors like royal blue, burgundy,greens, etc. But while designing, sometimes means hit & miss, so for this first attempt I made her in off whites. Since I was so pleased with the results, I sent photo to Soft Dolls & Animals and the editor requested I offer the pattern, which I of course am happy to do. In fact had planned to write the pattern all along, but was side tracked, by husband's needing to have a stent put in. This meant trips and time spent in Pueblo. We are just so grateful we caught things in time, as there was 99% blockage! So I spent 2 days putting together the pattern and getting it sent in time to be included in the Holiday Issue. Then I got another email, asking me to send the doll for photographs for the cover! Yippee! I'm happy..oh and so is Husband, since he was able to go hunting and got a nice elk today!

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