Thursday, October 8, 2009


I had already applied the hair to the doll's head..glued & needle felted....I decided to playbeautician and wrapped plastic around her shoulders, damped the hair with a wet cloth, and rolled it with my new home made curlers, made of cut off straws, held in place with bobbi pins.
Since I liked the way it turned out, I decided to dye & roll more hair. This time I hooked 2 straws together, so I could roll the whole hank of hair without cutting it. Since I don't know what length I will want next time, I didn't want to pre-cut. After dipping in water, I rolled it tightly onto the straws...squeezing and twisting several times to make the curls secure. I put the straws in the window to sun dry, but the sun decided to hide, so low heat on the hair dryer did the job.

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