Thursday, October 8, 2009


Hair is an important finishing touch to dolls..I'll often go through a whole pile of different choices before selecting the one I want. Recently I decided to use some of the store bought mohair I had on hand. As the package states it's great for Santa beards, but I don't make many Santas so wanted to ad a little color to that pretty pure white. My solution was to make a mild solution of tan dye in a quart jar and dip wet hair into it. GREAT! It gave me a nice subtle color...not too dark,not too yellow, just a nice honey color. So I cut, styled and applied to the doll. BUT, I still wasn't all that happy. The hair needed some oomph! Perhaps if it had more waves...yes. She would look much better with more waves, but would look even better with fuller hair. So after curling, I added another layer of hair, needle felting it into the original hairdo and this is the result...which I am now happy with.
How I did it follows in case you'd like to try my experiment.

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