Tuesday, October 20, 2009


This is another version of a wall doll I did a couple of years ago. These however have faces added, which werre painted with acrylics, pens & pencils then cut out and glued on. It's a great way to practice faces. If you don't like what you've done you can just toss it and move on....no ruining the whole doll. (Not that I ever do that hahaha). With the wonderful new glues available now (Grrip and Ultimate) it makes everything so easy. I also used the glue on the hanging bead strands. They are those strips you can buy which are already strung. Problem: the thread is one continuous piece. Solution: apply a thin line of the glue over the thread and fold the top half of the ribbon down over it. This encases the threads so you can cut anywhere, and they don't fall apart. The glues are nice and flexible and they don't discolor the fabric so they work just great. Anyway it was fun to do, and kept me busy whilst I churn up my next big project..whatever that might be. With all the canning, meat processing etc. it takes a lot of time...but I have to have something creative to do, so this was a perfect project.

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